There is no time to explain! #FailOverConf, Moscow, April 10

    - Dimon, are there any backups?
    - If department “K” came, then eat.

    * * *

    Very soon, on April 10, in Moscow a practical conference will be held on the fault tolerance of sites and web projects - the FailOver Conference . There are several reasons to visit it or watch it online.

    1. The main idea of ​​the conference is a basic theory and a lot of experience. Cases, live examples, implementation on specific projects. This means that you can go to the conference (or watch it online), assess the risks on your own website and immediately put the acquired knowledge into practice. We think this is very cool and useful!

    2. Program and content.This time, in addition to traditional topics (stress tests, cluster building, performance optimization - all this, of course, will also be), we also consider completely unexpected issues regarding the continuity of your online business.

    For example, many people know that on September 1, 2015, Federal Law 242-FZ comes into force, which provides for the storage of users' personal data in Russia. Does this concern your sites? Are there any risks in non-compliance (or, on the contrary, in compliance) with the requirements of the law? What are the risks of those projects that are now hosted on foreign hosting, will they have time to move by the deadline?

    At the conference, Sergey Ryzhikov, CEO of 1C-Bitrix, using the example of SaaS Bitrix24, which is now located in Amazon, will consider the whole way: from choosing a provider to the very process of moving.

    3. Cost. For events of this level, it is minimal.

    Until March 27: 5000 rubles. for personal participation, 2000 rub. - on-line translation. From March 27th - price increase.

    * * *

    Therefore, do not delay, register right now and come April 10 ! It will be useful and interesting.

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