Weekly build Vivaldi


    We present you the next weekly build of the Vivaldi browser under the number In short, what they did, what they did and what they broke.

    Added function to close tabs with double click. You asked - we did.

    Also one of the popular queries was the addition of a visual indication of the loading of background tabs. Without this, it was not clear what was happening with the pages open in the background - were they already loaded or was the process still in progress? Now we have added an indicator reporting the status of the loaded pages.

    The other day, we started implementing another popular request - the ability to import data from other browsers and, in particular, from Chrome. But they immediately have to warn: the function is still very unstable and can lead to a browser crash. In addition, the feature is not yet available on Mac platforms. In other words, we do this, but for now it’s better not to touch this function with your hands - wait until the situation stabilizes in the following assemblies. Fans of extreme testing can experiment without restrictions, but do not forget to send us messages about bugs found .

    Another small change has been made to the bookmarks bar. We have provided the ability to display on it only the names of bookmarks without icons. Naturally, soon it will be possible to place only icons on the panel, without site names. You also asked for it.

    Changes to the bookmarks bar only take effect after the browser is restarted, but, for example, you can sort bookmarks in the bar or add new ones by dragging and dropping links without rebooting.

    The number of localizations has grown to 38. The following languages ​​have been added to the current assembly:

    Persian and Lojban are supported only in Vivaldi, in Chromium there is no support for these languages.

    Links for downloading the browser:

    Full list of changes:

    • VB-4117 - Tab tooltips show up when they are disabled in settings
    • VB-4115 - Tab tooltip should not appear when you clicked on a tab
    • VB-1404 - Image control button
    • VB-1159 - Make an option for "double-click to close tab"
    • VB-2368 - More than one settings window opens
    • VB-4119 - Add: hove style for tab tooltips
    • VB-4341 - Update spatial navigation element after scroll
    • VB-4371 - Spatial navigation overrides first attempt at ctrl + a
    • VB-4119 - Add: hover style for tab tooltips
    • VB-4116 - Can't view Notes
    • VB-4093 - Close tab stack doesn't work
    • VB-4084 - Display progress indicator on background tabs
    • VB-2963 - Navigation with ENTER through the find results doesn't work
    • VB-2807 - Updating search results swallows keyboard inputs
    • VB-2694 - It's possible to scrolls beyond the zoom bar

    That's all for today. We remind you that the weekly builds are test, so do not forget to back up important data. Report errors found at the previous address .

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