Announcement of our April C # conferences

    Hello colleagues!

    Most recently, we held a conference on ASP.NET technologies and everything related to them. She was successful, which can be judged by the full room and calls with questions: "Maybe there will still be a ticket?" We will tell you in more detail later, but you can see the photo report , and now I want to talk about two new conferences that we plan to hold in April.

    First of all, we want to say that we did not plan to be a vegetarian conference, therefore (but not only) we changed the venue and the menu will now be with meat !

    First UI Desktop & Business Application Conference(April 11) is dedicated to developers of desktop corporate applications that are “invisible” from the clouds and, in general, to everyone who develops and supports a backend or develops a complex corporate interface.

    Now almost all the meetings and conferences are devoted to how to move to the clouds or how to write a website cool. But so far, a huge number of developers are creating or supporting desktop applications, and they may feel left out. We want to bring them together, where all attention will be focused on their problems in solving enterprise tasks, so that we can share knowledge about their approaches to solving various problems. We gather professionals in their field to share their experience with you. Feel like a professional, is there an interesting case from practice, the solution of which may be useful to colleagues?

    Subjects of reports:
    • update system development
    • plugin systems - MEF
    • interesting business cases related to stationary development
    • UI frameworks, UI testing
    • system integration
    • features or some interesting features related to EF
    • and so on, everything that is specific to Windows programs

    Registration has already begun. Take the opportunity to purchase a ticket at the starting price.

    The second API & Clean Code conference (April 25) has a broader theme that affects absolutely everyone who programs. Why?

    Because we all work with APIs - public application contracts. This is the .Net Framework itself, a huge number of libraries that we use. Have you ever wondered why some libraries are more popular than others? How do they come to the fore? Speed ​​of operation, completeness and hopelessness are critical, but usability will also be an important issue.

    Because every day in the world there are more and more new user services, applications. All of them are not self-contained - they are closely connected with each other through public contracts. Many services do not provide a graphical shell, just a set of different APIs.

    In our opinion, it is the API that determines the success and fruitfulness of working with the service. But how to build such a contract so that it is convenient for both users and developers? How to make using the API obvious and safe? Do I need to manage the API? Thousands of questions arise if you want to make a long-lived and popular service, use a microservice architecture or make a framework. In addition to the external beauty of the code, there should be an internal order - clean code, this will also be an additional topic for discussion at the conference. For example, we want to find an FxCop guru with interesting stories, or discuss other tools with similar functionality. Only practical solutions, self-discipline often suffer from creative people - programmers. =)

    The issues raised at the conference will be of interest to all groups of developers, it does not matter if you make websites, portals, services, frameworks, corporate applications, desktop applications. Even if your application does not communicate with the network, you still have an internal API with which you work and even try to do it in accordance with the rules for external applications. If you have something to tell or share your pain, leave a request for a report.

    Subjects of reports:
    • Using and comparing modern approaches to creating APIs: REST, SOAP, RPC.
    • Security issues: sanctioned and accessible API for different user groups.
    • Support for versioning and general management of available APIs.
    • Creating an obvious and simple API: how to achieve this, what practices and tools can help.
    • Is it possible to control the quality of the code in a team using software tools. Using and expanding the capabilities of FxCop and other programs.

    So, we invite:


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