How well-meaning can lose an intelligent person or a little about delegation

    The manager’s problem, as you know, is not that people are mortal, but that they are suddenly mortal. If all the layoffs, motivation and demotivation could be foreseen and laid down a plan, then the managers would feel very comfortable.

    Life, however, is richer, and there is a small story on this subject that happened 10 years ago, when the protagonist of the story, colleague slavapankratov , not only did not write his “Black Book of Manager” , but did not even think about business coaching, but modestly worked as the head of the testing team in the actively growing outsourcing company of the glorious city of Kiev.

    (Next will be in the first person.)

    A new Lesha tester just came to our team. I liked Lesha right away, first of all because he was calm as a tank, and there was even more of me, which is clearly a plus when communicating with the developers.

    And now we went daily morning meetings. Since the guys worked for me for a long time, all autonomous nuclear powered ships, I just give them directions for everyone: “you go there, you go there. you are here. ” I turn to Lesha:
    - Lesh, then look how everything is arranged here. Earth is the third planet from the Sun ...

    And then I begin to tell in detail what we have done, what tools, where what to watch, etc.

    I look, he is frowning. And this, in general, is an unpleasant picture - I remind you that he is bigger than me. Well, I think maybe the mood is not very. In short, I told him everything, set a task. Lesha sailed to the workplace.

    I’m sitting, I’m thinking: let him duplicate him in a letter so that the person just doesn’t miss anything. Wrote a letter, page 3 - sent. The answer is silence.

    I am knocking on ICQ (there was no skype then):
    - Lesh, have you taken the task?
    - Well.
    “Can you tell me about this somehow?”
    - What for?
    “Well, that you agree with the time estimate, so that I am aware of this.”
    - In terms of?

    I understand that somewhere we understand something differently. I come to Lesha. I say:
    - Lesh, when I set the task, I set the deadline for its execution there.
    - Well.
    “Can you disagree with him?”
    - Of course.
    - Will you start to do the task?
    - Of course.
    - Wait, wait. So I will set you the task of painting this wall green in an hour. I’ll give a maaaalenky brush and a can of gouache.
    - Well.
    “Will you start doing?”
    - Of course.
    - So I’ll come later, I will swear that the task has not been done
    - (joyfully - apparently, everything came together) Well!

    In short, it turned out. Alex used to work for a company created by the former military. Obviously, the colleagues did not have the concept of “agree with the assessment of the task” or “disagree with the assessment of the problem”. An order is an order.

    Okay, here we sorted it out with Lesha, I gained another useful knowledge that when you hire an employee, they stand behind him like the shadows of forgotten ancestors: colleagues, managers, projects, companies, parents. And all these people taught him something and formed some kind of reaction in him.

    A month passes. We, as a whole company, went to the Kiev Sea with our families (for non-residents of Kiev: this reservoir is such, but very large). We celebrate something fateful.

    My wife somehow adroitly got to know everyone. Well, and, in particular, with Leshina’s wife. After half an hour are suitable:
    - Hey, boss, come here. Lesha was going to quit.
    - What? !!! (Somehow, it seems like everyone just decided, we work ...)
    - Take a beer, go decide.

    I go to Lesha with a beer:
    - Lech, what are you going to leave?
    - Well yes.
    - And what?
    - [pause] Why are you with me as a down boy ?!
    - I mean? ..
    - Well, on the planning meetings, you and the men are fine: you go there, you go there, and I, like a down boy, chew all the tasks for half an hour. And this is in front of the boys ...
    - Well, I’m because you are a new person, so that everything is clear.
    - So that's okay, so you then finish off with a letter. I'm not stupid!
    - ... (And I understand that from his point of view it could look like that.)

    What conclusions can we draw from this story:

    1. Women understand each other much faster than men.

    2. (18+) Beer, of course, expands the communication channels, which allows us to understand each other better. Sometimes, however, it raises the level of aggression, but that's how lucky.

    3. When you start working with a new person, it would be nice to choose the right level of delegation and explain to the person immediately why this level was chosen (“you and I have not worked before”).

    4. When setting a task, it would be good to say the type and frequency of control and explain why you choose such type and frequency (“the task is critical”, “you and I have not done such tasks before,”).

    (On my own, I note that paragraph 4 overlooks the overwhelming number of managers - especially when the type and frequency of control does not change due to a change in person, but because the task has changed.)

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    PS If the continuation of the story is interesting, then Lesha remained to work in a team. Then the paths of the main characters parted. Now Lesha works as the head of a large account at one of the largest outsourcers.

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