Book about FPGA design (in Ukrainian)

    Book on development on FPGAs in VHDL language in Quartus II package. In Ukrainian.

    Link: FPGA Design


    Section 1. Architecture of Programmable Logic Chips.
    1.1. Architecture of microcircuits of the Cyclone II family
    1.2. Spartan
    1.3 chip architecture . Chip
    Architecture CPLD Chip Architecture MAX II
    1.4. Configuring FPGA chips

    Section 2. VHDL hardware description language.
    2.1. Chip Design Levels
    2.2. Project structure in VHDL.
    2.3. Data types. Literals
    2.4. Constants, signals and variables
    2.5. VHDL language operators.
    2.6. VHDL Writing Tips

    Section 3. Development of systems using the VHDL language.
    3.1. Description of combinational devices
    3.2. Description of sequential circuits
    3.3. Digital machines.
    3.4. Description of memory using VHDL
    3.5. Implementation of hierarchical projects on VHDL
    3.6. Creating a file in the hardware description language in the Quartus II package

    Section 4. Working in the Quartus II package.
    4.1 Acquaintance with Quartus II
    4.2 Creating a graphic file in Quartus II
    4.3 Compiling a project
    4.4 Installing and assigning a project
    4.5 Assigning microcircuit pins in Quartus II
    4.6 Temporal analysis in Quartus II
    4.7 Building project timing diagrams
    4.8 Programming and configuration in Quartus II

    Section 5. Development of systems in the Quartus II package.
    5.1. Creating a hierarchical project
    5.2. Design Styles
    5.3. Implementation of storage devices in FPGA
    5.4. Digital Automata
    5.5. Work with the built-in PLL
    5.5. Optimization of projects
    5.6. Quartus II Intrasystem Debugging Tools

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