Backup 1C: Seven small trips in search of one big utility

    Backup 1CBacking up business application data is an ancient theme, like Kobol, and eternal, as a process of fixing errors on Windows. True Jedi of system administration are armed with self-made scripts for this purpose, usually representing the same surprisingly post-modern combination of the latest technology and antediluvian thinking, like a lightsaber from Star Wars. Office samurai, unlike the Jedi from the server room, go to their daimyo manager and ask him for a dozen or two "coke" of rice to buy advertised proprietary processing for data backup. (For those who are not in the know: “processing” is a program in the internal language 1C, and “koku” is such a measure of the volume that samurai measure their salary.)
    I thought about the problem of creating 1C backups a little over a year ago, for the first time I received a short instruction in the list of my official duties - “to ensure the safety of enterprise backup data in 1C system with the possibility of their effective recovery”. Alas for me - I am not a Jedi IT specialist and not a samurai manager. I am a traveler by nature. And so, using a fair google and some favorable signs from the accounting department of our institute, I set off on a long journey to find a decent utility for 1C data backup in both file and SQL modes. About my decisions in this journey and about various amazing adventures connected with them will be discussed in my further narration.

    The first journey. Effector saver

    In any journey there are places that are impossible to pass. For example, the Indian monkey commander Hanuman, flying from India to Lanka, could not pass the mouth of the water snake Surasa; pigeons, who wore Zebra ragweed past the border guards, regularly smashed on the stones of Simplegad. You yourself, once in Paris, will definitely go stare at the Eiffel Tower. And, of course, no seeker of backup utilities for 1C can pass contact with Effector Saver, a free program for saving 1C data! Well, here I am too!
    No, I won’t swear. Effector Saver - the program is very good. There is a free version, there is a backup of SQL content 1C along with files, there are many other pleasant "goodies" that make life easier for the system administrator or enikeyschiku.
    Especially pleasing are such advantages as the ability to run the program as a Windows service so as not to distract the user with unnecessary actions, and the automatic disconnection of active 1C users for backup. The interface is very logical, easy to learn and does not give reason to think about every action.
    Difficulties began in the transition from theory to practice. I am a shot sparrow and grated kalach, therefore, before trusting the fate of my native enterprise to a third-party commercial product, I first checked the user reviews. And they are, to put it mildly, contradictory. And although the ratio of tar to honey is quite traditional - a barrel to a spoon - but the reaction of the program developer to the detected tar is, to put it mildly, far from perfect. In other words, it is in conflict. He rightly emphasizes that he made a very good (and it is so!) Free program, and that he should not be scolded for minor problems of this program. But the problem is not abuse! 1C is not a record file for a toy under DOS, it is a thing that many millions can suddenly spin under control. And nobody wants to lose these millions due to the fact that the developer (again,
    I repeat: I do not want to be unfair. Effector Saver seemed like a great program to me. But where it comes to money, beauty alone is not enough. And I had to part, reluctantly, with the wonderful country of Effector Saver and set off on my next journey.

    The second journey. Handy backup

    This product originally captivated me with a combination of a somewhat old-fashioned external design with a very modern content. In appearance it is archaic, like Windows 98, and in functionality it is reliable, like a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Under the mossy interface is hidden, like in a magic grotto, a wonderful set of the most relevant functions for backup, recovery and data synchronization. Here you can record backups to any commercial cloud, at least Dropbox, at least Amazon S3, at least OneDrive (not to mention more mundane media like FTP or a USB drive), here you can work with all kinds of databases, and store several versions under timestamps ... Handy Backup user manual, which promised countless opportunities, captivated me, as the nymph Calypso captivated the Odyssey, once caught by a storm. Everything was described there in detail, everything at all, what can you do with backups! It was a very exciting read ...
    I immediately rushed to the official Handy Backup website and downloaded the trial version for thirty days to see how the advertising promises once again blurred my view of the ugly truth. I was disappointed! No, not in the sense: I was disappointed in my expected disappointments. Handy Backup really does everything it promises! In desperation, I contacted the technical support service of the product (“provided for the entire life of the license”, as it is written on the site) - and suddenly I received competent, serious technical advice. This feature also works like everyone else! Moreover, during my testing of Handy Backup two updates were released, each of which did not contain plugs and stubs for previous errors, but new useful functions.
    Why did I leave this paradise on earth and set off on a new journey on the inhospitable shores of other people's software products? The answer is simple: money. Handy Backup is a paid program, and the soul, as you know, asks for free programs. And Handy Backup has a free version only, which allows you to save copies of anything (yes, 1C too!) Exclusively to Yandex.Disk. For everything else, you have to pay money in an amount that depends on the required set of automatic backup functions. And if the file version 1C Handy Backup is able to recognize and save in all configurations, starting with the basic Standard for about forty dollars, then storing SQL database backups will cost a lot.
    Having sent the management a detailed report on the delights of Handy Backup (in the hope that all of a sudden they will give money!), In the meantime I packed up my meager baggage and set off on a new journey.

    The third journey. Guardian V

    My path led me to a deserted, uninhabited island with a romantic charm sign "Guardian V". The developer of this magic diva - to match the name, it is GANDALF. So, and just like that, the company that created the magic product is called.
    On the company's website about the functionality of the "Guardian" managed to learn quite a bit. Much more attention was paid to advertising slogans and banners, rustling everywhere, like a wild forest. The short expedition to the surrounding forums did not clarify the situation too much; the mysterious “Guardian” from GANDALF remained mysterious and unclear for me. Perhaps in the old days this region was full of life and movement, and many jubilant users made 1C backups from morning to evening, not wanting to think about a better fate; now the “Guardian" looks homeless, and judging by the site, the last time the system administrator’s foot went somewhere else back in 2011.
    I confess: I was suddenly scared. I was scared to wander among the slogans and advertising calls of the “Guardian”; I did not dare to disturb the virgin peace of this place with attempts to download a program or some other violation of silence. I was afraid that I would remain the only user in this program and would be forced to lead a robinsonade for many years, fighting for survival alone. To know: perhaps a terrible and irresistible bug has lurked in the thicket, which is just waiting to devour all my data! And I, disappointed, left this magical, but completely deserted land to continue my journey into the sea of ​​the Internet.
    Not far from the “Guardian” of GENDALF, another island was discovered, which was artlessly indicated on the maps of “1Сbackup”. The survey showed that this product sank completely, and only a few breakers in mossy forums indicate to a random wanderer his past existence.

    The fourth journey. "Backer-1C"

    Finally, fate brought me back to a civilized place! “ Backer-1C ”, written, as I was able to understand, by programmer Alexei Karmanov, not only lives, but is updated from time to time (the latest version was released somewhere in the middle of 2013). This program is simple, free and has a good friendly interface. In addition, the developer is very friendly, explains well not only the benefits and advantages of his program, but also the technique of working with it, and also, apparently, quickly and adequately responds to user comments. After contacting the Baker, the short experience with Effector Saver seems like a year spent in the Polyphemus Cyclops Cave.
    "Backer-1C" is intended for "simple" 1C users and, as a result, is deprived of some important features of the functional. In particular, I was unable to start it as a Windows service. In addition, he uses the built-in 7-Zip program to archive data, which is very convenient for users, but sometimes causes the most unexpected problems, for example, with a corporate security policy. Nevertheless, this decision took a place in my personal rating next to Handy Backup; I wanted to return to him more than once.

    Fifth Wander: “1SkriptManager for MS SQL”

    In this place doubts began to torment me: did I get there? After all, I need to keep backups for both the file version and a wide variety of DBMSs! But, besides mentioning MS SQL in the header, I did not find any other options for working with 1ScryptManager . The price was horrified: something about five and a half thousand rubles per product with, to put it mildly, limited functionality!
    I wanted to turn around and finish the journey, but I was attracted by unexpectedly good reviews about the product. System administrators are harsh people, they needlessly praise neither Steve Jobs, nor Steve Ballmer, nor even, horrified, Peter Norton - and then they suddenly gathered on the forums and sing real praises! In other words, if a 1C backup with a base on MS SQL is exactly what you personally need, then this option, most likely, can and should be considered. I really needed a backup for the file version. Therefore, I was upset and left this resource.

    Wandering Six: Archipelago of Scripts and Utilities

    During my wanderings in the sea of ​​forums, I came across a whole scattering of small applications that either happily escaped the dissolution of time in the sea, or that had just been born. Out of curiosity, I visited related resources; I will name among them what seemed to me worthy of a separate mention. Finding information about all these utilities and scripts is easiest on .
    Cyclic backup by day of the week. A script created by the milkers programmer for users who need, oddly enough, a cyclic backup by day of the week. It is a compilation of various backup scripts, but the compilation is successful and, apparently, reliable.
    Installation of automatic archiving for 1C 8.1 and 8.2 (, the program, unlike the previous one, is a 1C processing. Quite convenient, but has very limited functionality.
    Automatic archiving of databases 1C 8.2, 8.1 and 7.7 . A very old version of the archiver for 1C, but, apparently, very reliable. For those who are not afraid to work with software products released during the reign of plesiosaurs and, apparently, have long been removed from technical support.
    Having experienced these and other wonders, pretty tired of wandering and reading technical forums, I eventually headed home (that is, to the home page), and there, in deep silence, I made my choice.

    Seventh and last journey: The choice is made!

    I will not make a secret: I chose Handy Backup. I also liked Effector Saver and, in particular, “Backup-1C”, but two reasonable considerations led me to a different solution.
    Firstly, technical support for free utilities usually leaves much to be desired, and critical situations tend to occur unexpectedly. With the technical support of Nandy Backup, I had no problems; I note, however, that in the year that has passed since the described wanderings, I used it only once when I installed network agents. The program itself worked and works like clockwork.
    Secondly, it’s indisputable that it’s very nice to have a good utility for file backup there or, on the contrary, SQL version 1C, or for backup, say, to Yandex.Disk, or for some other backup. But you need to backup everything, literally everything, and it is very convenient when the same product does all kinds of work for you!
    So I made my choice. I returned to Handy Backup, to its old-fashioned interface, convenient set of storages and highly reliable extensions. It was Handy Backup, according to my recommendation, that 1C data from our accounting department was trusted. Subsequently, it was on this very program that I first transferred the storage of technical and user documentation at our institute, and later my own small photo studio, where you have to store both the commercial data of the 1C system and the photo archive in archives. I have never regretted the amount spent. All the same, they would not be enough even for a trip to Hawaii, not to mention new trips to the fabulous islands, where effective and free software grows on trees.
    And without travel - what is life ?!

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