German National Plan for Implementing the G8 Open Data Charter

    Just a few days ago, the German Minister of the Interior presented the document 'The Federal Government's National Action Plan to implement the G8 Open Data Charter' (Federal Government Action Plan for the Implementation of the G8 Open Data Charter).

    This charter was adopted at the G8 Summit in Ireland in June 2013 and is based on the following principles:
    1. government data is published as open by default, at the same time, provided that privacy is protected;
    2. release of quality, timely and well-described open data
    3. release as much data in as many formats as possible to make the data as convenient as possible for reuse;
    4. providing expertise and transparency on data collection, standards and publication processes, through improved management;
    5. consultation with users and publication of data in order to develop and stimulate innovation;

    Under this action plan, the German Federal Government assumes the following obligations:

    1. ensure the publication of as much data as possible through the development of regulations and other tools;
    2. publish as many existing government data sets as possible;
    3. GovData will be the central portal for federal, state, and local governments;
    4. conducting regular dialogue with civil society, business, journalists and the research community.

    The entire plan can be read on the Ministry’s website -

    Undoubtedly, the most important provision of the plan is the implementation of the principle “Open default data. " The fact that all state data should be provided exactly as open data.

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