Hottest Topics of the Year

    It was time to take stock of the year, and we at Surfingbird decided not to get out of trend.

    All users are different, and we, like no other, know about it. But you can always poke a finger into the sky and compare some garbage with another garbage, and sometimes it turns out funny.

    So, we decided to compare what excited us this year, and our designer even drew infographics. The diagram shows the topics in descending order of popularity:


    10. The least worried this year about our users were sanctions on European products.

    9. Comparison of the popularity of the World Cup in Brazil with the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and again won the domestic manufacturer.

    8. Crimea and Ebola were the most exciting topics this year. But, apparently, Crimea is nevertheless closer.

    7. (5.4). Quite a few users showed interest in gadgets, operating systems and large vendors.

    6. Football players were more active compared to hockey players.


    And finally, burning topics. You will not believe it, but despite the impending crisis, users are still most concerned about mimimi content and girls.

    3. Dogs with cats set parity.


    But in the topic of “girls” a surprise awaited us:

    2. Butt with a significant margin won boobs, and this is a breakthrough, friends! (squat more often):


    (actually not, but squat more often anyway)

    Attention, girls! Despite the fact that the number of views of red-haired girls was significantly inferior to both brunettes and blondes - red ones by the number of likes defeated everyone! Draw conclusions.


    And now - the slides!

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