IT product manager standard approved

    Minister of the Russian Federation of Labor adopted a standard professional managers in the field of information technology products, which in 2013 was developed by the Working Group on the establishment of professional standards, said Denis Beskow Online Product Management School.

    The standard may become the basis for the development of:

    • Job descriptions;
    • Vacancy texts
    • Corporate competency profiles;
    • Professional development plans;
    • Certification programs and tests;
    • Commercial training programs;
    • Federal educational programs.

    The text of the standard can be found here (* .pdf).

    Worked on the standard: Vladimir Bataev (EsperantoXL), Denis Beskov (School of Product Management), Mikhail Butlitsky (KamaGames), Alexey Zhuk (Enkata), Mikhail Karpov (Yandex), Anton Katkov (Flexis), Roman Sedykh (Whitescape), Andrey Sytsko (Anturis), Dmitry Shkolnikov (, Vladimir Chervonenko (NPTV / Digital October).

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