The update pace on iOS8, the blocking of the Unity Web player in Chrome and the new Puzzle & Dragons records - and other news of the week for the mobile developer

    iOS8 installed so far on 52% of devices

    According to official data provided by Apple, the new version of iOS is installed on 52% of devices, recall that version 8.1 has recently been released, which introduced the Apple Pay service for device owners attacked by large retail companies in the USA from all sides, such as: WalMart, Kmart , Target.

    The event has already been dubbed as “Clash of the Titans”, recalling wars such as “VHS vs Betamax”, and passions will only flare up.
    But what can 52% of iOS8 devices tell us? We can safely say that the new operating system is the slowest spreading version of Apple’s mobile OS. According to Mixpanel, the previous version of the OS, iOS 7, took only five days to reach 54% penetration.

    The new version of Apple’s OS is accompanied by a number of failures - these are the “glitches” of smartphones, poor performance on old devices, and hastily patched patches, it even went so far as to try to blame the QA manager, who previously oversaw Apple Maps, where something similar happened at the start.

    Apple needs to try hard to speed up the process of penetrating the new version, but it will be extremely difficult in view of the fact that now Apple must do its best to promote its new Apple Pay service, which will focus on the main efforts.

    The Future of Web Publishing at Unity: Answers to Topical and Uncomfortable Questions

    The Unitech team was inundated with developer questions about disabling the Unity plug-in for the Google Chrome browser, which now accounts for almost 60% , according to Therefore, it is not surprising that developers creating applications for the web, for example for social networks, are so worried. The following is a free translation of the Unity command response.

    At the end of 2013, Google announced that their plans were to disable the ability to execute external native code (NPAPI), through which the Unity web player worked, as well as many extensions from other developers. The unity team did not have accurate information when Google disables NPAPI support, but sooner or later this should happen.

    We know that many developers create games for Unity Web-player, and thanks to this you have enough bread and butter and a little more ... Unity team continues to support the web-player and promises to keep developers up to date with all the events associated with it. Recently, the player began to support new 64-bit versions of browsers: IE 11 64 and Chrome 64 bit for Windows. On approach is Unity Web Player 64 bit for OS X, which will run on Chrome 64 OS X.

    We are aware that soon there will be no possibility of launching native code in the browser, there are too many plugins, and not all of them work well and provide the required level of security.
    And as a result, we work hard to complete Unity 5 for WebGL . We believe that this is the best, safe and successful long-term solution for launching games in a browser. The release of games for WebGL for Unity 5 will be free and will allow users to play without installing any additional plugins.

    We partner with browser makers to improve WebGL gaming. The current results look very promising, in some cases the WebGL solution is as fast as the native code.

    You can read more about Unity WebGL this post . You can also try Unity 5 Beta , which has recently become available. As soon as Unity 5 is released, WebGL builds will be available to all Unity developers for free.

    From the KamaGames team. We recommend reading this article , which discusses the cases of those who have already taken care of the premature solution of the problem. In short: they recommend doing a landing with a request to enter the game under a different browser.

    Mobile games accounted for 12% of EA revenue

    EA submitted a financial report for the 2nd quarter of fiscal year 2015 ending September 30, 2014.

    The company's profit for the reporting period amounted to $ 990 million and grew by 42% compared to the same period last year. 51% of this amount comes from the sale of digital goods.

    Net income was $ 3 million, compared with a loss of $ 237 million 12 months ago.

    EA’s mobile division posted $ 123 million in revenue, up 64% from the same period last year. This amounts to a little more than 12% of the total profit, and is in the expected range of 10-12%, as it was in the previous intervals.

    The creators of Puzzle & Dragons reported record sales and bought a gaming mobile network

    The Japanese company GungHo Online Entertainment, the authors of Puzzle & Dragons, last week did not let you get bored and immediately reported two news that you need to pay attention to.

    Firstly, the company talked about record numbers for the first 3 quarters of this year. The company's revenue from January to September inclusive amounted to $ 1.22 billion, which is 14.3% more than last year. In other words, GungHo makes about $ 4.5 million a day!

    Consolidated profit for this period reached $ 680 million. As a result, it turns out that the company's margin is more than 50%. Few can boast of such numbers on the market now.

    Second, the company bought 70% of mobile social gaming network Playphone , whose main audience is in the US.

    The reasons for the purchase are obvious. The company still wants to become more serious for players in North America, the Middle East and Asian countries. This step will allow her to attract even more users.

    Advertisers are buying engines, where the world is heading?

    The expression “advertising is the engine of commerce”, which has already snapped, is applicable with some changes to mobile applications, where advertising also plays an important role. Recently, in mobile development, we have already seen an example of a fusion of engine developers and developers of tools for selling advertising: in the case of Unity, 3D engine developers bought Applifter on the wave of success.

    But things are not going so well with Corona Labs (perhaps they are familiar to you with their Corona SDK - a well-known cross-platform 2D-engine for mobile development), and already they are in turn acquired by Fuse Powered , a company focused on mobile monetization and advertising ( their main products are AdRally and FuseBoxx).

    There is an assumption that for closed SDKs this is a natural way of development, everyone needs advertising, and it’s not bad to get this opportunity on a single supplier. Well, let's see what happens next.

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