Microsoft collects requests to improve Internet Explorer

    IE developers collect suggestions on how to improve the browser, they offer to vote for those features that you want to receive in new versions of IE browser .

    A tackle is an unexpected voting leader.

    The site presents various options for improvements, you can also create your own version, you can vote through a Google / Facebook account (linking it to uservoice)

    Well, as I promised, an unexpectedly expected voting leader ( TOP 3 ):

    So what we have with you There was a historic opportunity to somehow influence the development of the browser.

    You can vote on the link below:

    Below - on a habr I suggest to carry out the survey.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    What do you think can be changed (added) in IE to improve it?

    • 22.2% Extend support for the HTML5 standard with all its benefits 574
    • 13.4% Make a normal API for extensions (writing extensions in javascript, as in Chrome / FF) 347
    • 2.4% Implement the latest support for WebM and / or other content formats 64
    • 61.8% Stop Internet Explorer 1594

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