Trust the team, but verify

    Do you trust your team?
    I trust. But I check.
    In this article I will talk about how one of the members of our team threw me, trying to take people and customers away. And as we, the rest of the team corrected the situation.

    The main character
    My company develops custom-made mobile applications, in addition to this, we have our own mobile product.
    Custom development now takes up most of our time. At the end of 2013, there was so much customer service that we needed a marketer as a team. The main character of this article was found for this role, we will call him Gosha Sinitsyn (first and last name are fictitious).
    From the first days, Gosha joins the team, working with dedication. He is sociable, energetic, knows how to impress. But after a couple of months, he joyfully scores on part of the instructions, or does not finish it to the end, does what he considers necessary, and does not work for the company's goals. Hence the first conflicts.
    In the first months, Gosha jokingly says that he’s such a fine fellow that if he wants to, he will calmly take all the customers away, because he is now talking to them. Gosh came in September 2013. For all the time I have not brought a single client.
    Gosha's responsibilities included escorting customers: fulfilling a sales plan through negotiating contracts, evaluations, formalities, and negotiating with customers. When conflicts arose with customers, we resolved them together, often the three of us with our technical director.
    Gosha’s work efficiency was low, I had to constantly monitor the details: I didn’t call at the promised time, I didn’t write a letter, I didn’t arrive on time. So that he arrived on time, he even had to introduce a rule - being late for a scheduled meeting for 1 minute = a fine of 20 rubles. He remained owed 400 rubles.
    You can keep such people in the team as team glue - he found a common language with the team, everyone was happy to talk with him. But at the same time, he was afraid to insist on his own when it comes to efficiency and you need to work hard to earn money. He avoided negative conversations, either I or the technical director had to deal with this.
    After a few months, it was clear that without him it would be easier than with him.

    Game behind
    The plan was not fulfilled, only I brought new clients, requirements for Sinitsyn grew along with the tense atmosphere. Staying up in the evenings was something unbelievable for him. The instructions were also partially fulfilled.
    Once for all the time Gosh completed the sales plan. We were glad together and decided that we had established work and now this will continue. But the next month, a wilderness began - there was no payment of bills for our work at all.
    It turned out that Gosha was playing a double game: he told me that the customer does not pay the bills, because ... “1000 reasons”, they asked to wait another week; but in fact Gosha delayed payments in order to take them to his LLC. And at the same time, he tried to persuade the team to leave the company and work for Gosh LLC and partners.

    Separatism stealthily
    Being a team glue, Gosha encouraged everyone separately, sang about big and tasty projects, about high salaries and how everyone will be friendly, everyone will do his favorite thing - from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.
    Since Gosha was aware of the company’s economy, saw the budget, knew about the plans, to consolidate his words, he leaked this information to both the team and competitors. Why competitors? To sell them, in case their orders are not enough.
    Once again, on August 6, I asked Gosh about the results that were not there. They again spoke “on knives”. On emotions, he said that in this case we will have to stop cooperation. It was high time.

    Change for the better
    Gaucher was already ready to be replaced by a person with rich experience in sales, a systematic thinker. We began to transfer cases, and flaws, shoals and losses were revealed, if not for them, and we could make money commensurate with the monthly budget. There was a mess in the documents - more than half of the acts were not signed, there were no original agreements, customers were promised to make additional features at the company's expense, the reasons for the project fakaps were not clarified and, accordingly, were not eliminated, work with new customers was postponed for inexplicable reasons.

    We talked with all the customers about changing the commercial director, and said goodbye to Gosha on the same day. And they thought that the problems were over. But a whole train reached for it. Our main customer began to doubt whether we could continue to work on their projects. The doubt is reasonable, because Sinitsyn said that the whole team was leaving with him and did it convincingly.

    The squad noticed the loss of fighters
    And a few days after Sinitsyn left, I was laid on the table applications for the dismissal of 3 people: 2 leading developers and a tester. But there are tasks, they need to be completed. I had 2 weeks for the Labor Code of the Russian Federation to decide how to continue working on tasks, find people or redistribute tasks in a timely manner and with high quality. And at the same time, the customer inappropriately began to prepare for the exhibition, for which it was necessary to develop important functionality. The whole team is thinking about what will happen next, whether there will be orders to stay or not to remain, and then there is an exhibition.
    In this project, we developed an application for Android, iOS and STB on Android, which is controlled by a remote control. It was important to understand whether we will pull all the components of this software with the remaining composition.
    Fortunately, the developers who wrote the application core and the managers remained in the team. As a result, we found out that having lost three, although we can slower, we can continue to work. We continue to work with this customer.

    Trying to negotiate again. It
    was an interesting moment. After what the whole team and I found out about Sinitsyn’s double game, after all the problems that he created with his vile actions, he called me and offered to agree to work together and divide everything 50/50 under the pretext that otherwise we would both lose the customer.
    They say that arrogance is the second happiness. That's for sure. But this time it did not help: Gosha went to the forest.

    Threw all, and even his
    In practice, it turned out that reality does not intersect with Goshin's beautiful stories. He has not taken away any customer from us. The competitors with whom he threw off our insider did not take him. There are no projects, there is nothing to pay the team - no one went with him. He tried to offer them a startup, but all families have a stable income, and not just faith in a bright future.
    Now imagine the situation: you are the customer, the employee of your contractor calls you and says that he will take everyone away soon, and now you need to work with him. How would you react? In my case, the customers first of all talked to me and realized that there was nothing to worry about, that I continued to work with my team, and we would fulfill our obligations. And they called me right away, because they had originally agreed with me.

    The team has become stronger
    All these events could not but affect the team spirit. Those people who remained in the company more acutely felt the value of the team. Together we survived this story and became stronger.

    • Be careful when disclosing data on financial flows. Only trusted and trusted persons can be dedicated to this.
    • When delegating tasks, check the progress of work at reference points - for sales, this is the timely signing of primary documents and monitoring of external project deadlines.
    • When someone in the team begins to strain, do not wait until the tension develops into a story like this, and immediately joyfully part with such a person. To determine whether he will strain, tell him about the goals of the company and values, look at the reaction.
    • Even if there is a danger of losing everything that they built, don’t be afraid, be positive, like the monk who sold his Ferrari in the book of R. Sharma.

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