The extraction of "tyzhprogramist"

    Recently, they brought me a laptop - a very good laptop - by the standards of 2004, of course (for such a thing you could have killed at that time ). And with the mantra familiar to many, the tyzhprogrammer * a la was asked to figure out why for so many years the stable working device suddenly refused to boot. And I, in general, am not an electronic engineer, and not even a programmer at all - so, I dabble with R / Matlab / Python. But the acquaintances were very good, and I still had to take a laptop.

    The unfortunate car was taken out of the briefcase. She was in a miserable and even deplorable state: the body was flooded (and it seems many years ago) with some sticky liquid; the buttons on the keyboard simply pressed themselves under the weight of many years of layering, and the once-pleasant matte screen was replete with bold prints, spots and scratches.
    To avoid the spread of infection, it was decided to use alcohol (externally). The housing has been thoroughly cleaned. Plastic appeared on the lid - very pleasant to the touch and similar to rubberized plastic.

    The battery turned out to be of increased capacity, and the charger, although it was frayed by a cat, worked properly. After piling over the keyboard and screen, the appearance of the laptop approached its natural and very decent condition (and I always liked the strict design in the original Thinkpad).

    Pressing the Thinkpad T41 power button, I heard how fun and at the same time menacingly cracked the cooler, which struggled to push through everything that had accumulated over the years of hard and hard work inside the case. A creaking hard drive joined him - and now the duet of motors, puffing and tearing, joined in at all its speed. It even came to the start-up screen saver of Windows XP Professional, but that's what happened. Memtest86 showed that all 512Mb of memory is in order. Next, I downloaded sysrescueCD and launched badblocks - this is where error messages rained down (and yes, the system did not boot from the hidden section by pressing the Access IBM button either). The first replacement candidate has been outlined. The second turned out to be a cooling fan, due to which the message “Fan error” appeared periodically during loading. On the site There,I fixed it , in order to replace the cooler, they offered instructions from 41 steps, including including the removal of the matrix. But in reality, everything turned out to be much simpler: it was enough to unscrew the screws that secured the keyboard and touchpad below, and you could get access to the radiator. The whole cooler was clogged with dust, wool and hair with bacilli - brrr. But the vacuum cleaner helped to cope with all this.

    The collection process was similar to the process of parsing in the opposite direction, with the only difference being that I still had a couple of unnecessary screws. The cleaning procedure didn’t help the cooler much, because under the load, the cooler continued to emit the alarming cry of a worried pterodactyl.

    Then I called the owners of the laptop and said that I needed a new hard drive (2.5 "IDE Fujitsu 40Gb) and a new cooler. And it is also advisable to add a little memory - good, there was a free connector. Well, of course, it is not my concern to find the necessary spare parts. To which I was joyfully answered that if so, they don’t need these "firewood" and I can leave them to myself. And in general, a new laptop has already been bought. Which, in fact, I was very happy about.

    Well, if the laptop is already mine, and not someone else’s, then you can strain a little. Prices for 2.5 "IDE HDD and SODIMM PC2700 memory at local bazaars did not please, but you could completely forget about the cooler you needed. The situation was saved by Aliexpress : there quickly found a Fujitsu hard drive with as much as 60Gb for three and a half pennies, and a Samsung 512Mb memory bar PC2700, and even a cooler for Thinkpad T41, the price of which I’m really ashamed to name. It came in about two weeks. I was most worried about the hard drive, but it worked out: the Chinese sent everything in the best possible way.

    Of course, there were no problems with installing a hard drive and memory, but I had to tinker with the fan. The old cooler was attached to the radiator with rivets that could only be drilled, which I did. And the new cooler, being Chinese, did not quite fit the mounting holes in the radiator, so I had to drill and collective farm again - yes, with old Soviet bolts.

    After assembly, everything worked reasonably well for exactly 15 minutes: after that, the cooler stopped rotating. I thought that the cheap Chinese part did not survive the transplant and died, but it turned out that the old cooler did not turn on, and the laptop continued to give out a tired Fan error. Moreover, both fans worked well when connected to an external power source. All Google’s answers came down to one thing: you need to change the motherboard. But I was not ready for such a turn. But on one Polish forum, I read that it turns out that the blown fuse could be the fault. My highest achievement in the field of electronics was a receiver assembled according to the 0-V-2 scheme and components of the same scale as on the motherboard, I never soldered, and the soldering iron was old with a thick sting, so I had to collective farm again -something like this . I did something for which any electronics engineer would curse people like me: I simply pulled out a blown fuse and closed the contacts with a drop of solder. After the procedure, the cooler hummed happily.

    Having put together the details, I installed 32-bit Linux CrunchBang Linux from the DVD (this Pentium-M does not support PAE, so not all distributions will work). A bit of file carving to adjust "for yourself" - and voila! - An excellent typing laptop works, and it works very, very decently in this configuration:

    • Pentium M 1.6GHz
    • ATI Mobility Radeon 7500
    • 14.1 "TFT 1024x768
    • 1GB memory
    • 60 GB HDD
    • Intel Gigabit Ethernet
    • CD-RW / DVD-ROM Combo Drive
    • IBM Integrated Bluetooth II with 56K Modem
    • IBM 11a / b / g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Adapter

    Here is such an unexpected catch (with which I am now typing this text) came out from the “tyzhprogramist” - not such firewood at all.

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