International Conference of Mobile Developers #MBLTDev

    On October 28, the first conference of mobile developers #MBLTDev will be held at Digital October .

    For three years in a row, we did the international mobile conference #MBLT , which was aimed at the business audience of the IT community. It's time for the developers! On October 28th, in Moscow, we will hold the #MBLTDev technical conference , which will present hardcore reports on mobile development. Among those who have already confirmed their participation:

    • Tim Messerschmidt, PayPal
    • Jasper Blues, Typhoon
    • Brian Holt, Reddit
    • JP Simard, Realm
    • Ash Furrow, Artsy
    • Andrey Belenko, viaForensics
    • Alexander Cherny, Indie developer
    • Ruslan Gumenny, e-Legion
    • Alexey Korovyansky, Mb-Lock

    In total, more than 30 speakers are expected, which we will talk about later.

    If you have a unique experience that you want to share, send an application to with the name and description of the report. All applications will be reviewed by the program committee.

    Ticket sales are already open, the price is 5,000 rubles.
    You can find more details on the conference website .

    Links to our past conferences: # MBLT12 , # MBLT13 , # MBLT14

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