Review and analysis of the game console-tablet Exeq Aim Pro [Part One]

Hello, in this article I will try to talk about my experience in operating the EXEQ AIM Pro game console.


Appearance - the first acquaintance with the console.
Overview - Video from the official EXEQ channel.
Specifications - I will try to cover everything.
Tests are benchmarks.
Governing bodies - a subjective opinion.
Games are a bit of games, thoughts.
Software - What is.
Battery - tests are no longer new batteries.
Accessories - Case.
The results are a little la la.

So, let's begin. EXEQ AIM Pro, it’s the JXD S7800B with the only difference that EXEQ made a special order, increasing the device’s memory by 2 times:
“The prefix exit was postponed several times and became more and more desirable.
But we must pay tribute to the manufacturers, despite all the unpredictable costs,
Exeq not only kept the cost of the set-top box at 6,490 rubles,
but also gave all its customers a bonus in the form of an increased 16 GB console internal memory, instead of 8 GB. ”
And literally six months later, or so, the Chinese version with a 16 GB drive appeared. Whether the game with ordering the set-top box from China is worth the candle is for you to decide, but I, having a little experience with similar devices, suggested that by paying a little, I will only win. Warranty service is really there, according to reviews, the prefixes are either repaired or simply replaced with a new one after examination in the SC.



A photo

A different package, when compared with the JXD, and the headphones do not count better , although the headphones have become a nice bonus for my daughter.
Less than a month after the start of sales, the device fell into my hands and away we go! Tests, games, firmware, games ...

Official review

General characteristics:

The weight of the console is ~ 500 g.
First impressions: “wow, heavy”, but 15 minutes pass and it seems that it’s not so heavy, you get used to it quickly, it’s convenient to hold.

Options: Game console, network adapter (1.5A), headphones for 250 rubles , USB cable, OTG cable, manual, warranty card.


Processor - RK3188 Quad Core 1.6 GHz (CPU Cortex A9, GPU ARM mali400-MP4 466MHz)
Out of the box firmware with a processor clamped to 1416MHz

Custom firmware accelerates the processor to 1608MHz
Yes, 192MHz gives a little more smoothness, + 1-2 FPS in games and heating.

RAM - 2GB DDR3 (1.4GB free)
Operating System - Android OS 4.2.2 (Unofficial firmware up to 4.4.2)

Display - 7 '' capacitive touch screen made using IPS technology with a resolution of 1280x800px (There is information that the display from nexus 7 of 2012, aka Ainol Novo7), 5-touch multi-touch, the screen surface is glass.
Accelerometer - three-axis.
Camera - Front 0.3 Rear 2.0 MP Skype cameras, no more and no less.

Built-in memory - 16 GB
More details
The markup is as follows:
Internal memory for applications - 1 GB,
NAND FLASH for storing game caches and other things - 13.27 GB The

internal memory can be re-allocated without any problems as you like, for this you need to flash custom firmware, or do it yourself. Examples of firmware with 2, 4 or 6 GB markup

Power source - 5000 mAh lithium polymer battery
More details

Communications - Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g / n), through the USB OTG from the kit you can connect a 3G modem, previously transferred to the "only modem" mode.

1. HDMI connector
Connection Example

2. microUSB for information transfer (it won’t charge via microUSB!)
3. Headphone output - 3.5 mm.
4. Charger connector 2.5 mm.

Memory cards - Micro SD, up to 32 Gb.

Currently working with such a microSD card

Stereo speakers (two speakers, sound in the face, which is really good).

The microphone is next to the RESET key hole.


AnTuTu Benchmark version 5.0 dated August 27, 2014

More details

Fake sensors for compatibility with software on Google Play are crossed out in red.

Quadrant Standard Edition

More details

CPU-Z lives its own life

More details

Still RK3188:




Epic citadel

More details


More details

MultiTouch Tester

More details

Governing bodies

A device that is convenient to play with analog sticks, ciphers (L1, L2, R1, R2), action keys (A, B, X, Y) and D-PAD.
Sometimes you assign the right stick as D-PAD, assigning A, B, X, Y to it, and play with your thumbs.
Some speak poorly about the D-PAD, probably these people did not hold the RZX-50 or 3DS in their hands, that's where the cross is not quite successful.
There were problems with the right analogue in the early versions of the firmware, now everything is in order, the stick tilts without problems within: +1 -1. On firmware up to version 1.5, the stick deviation was within the range: -0.67 +0.67.

The only complaint is about shifts.
Shifters make noise - the only keys that make noise. I don’t know why it was so bad and reinventing the wheel when the previous models, at least the same JXD 5300, already had membrane keys for ciphers, and they didn’t rattle like that. However, the ciphers are convenient.
You can look at the hell construction here


Android games:
You must understand that the Mali400 video accelerator is here and you should not expect miracles, although see for yourself:
Modern Combat 5

GT racing 2

The Walking Dead
Time Tangle - Adventure Time

PSP - the emulator adds a little performance with each update, and if half a year ago Tekken 6 was completely unplayable, now it flies:
Tekken 6 PSP

Cave Story PSP

N64 - convenient to play, thanks to a large number of keys, zelda lovers will understand me.

NDS - thanks to the 7 "screen, you can place both two screens here and increase it to a decent size of the main one.

NES, SEGA, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, PSX - somehow there’s nothing to tell about what I tried, it works without complaints , usually problems arise with the emulator itself.

I would like to mention the most interesting GLTools application , which, for example, starts and runs Blood Sword THD without problems . You can start the game with Tegra 3 without brakes on the Mali400 MP4. The application allows you to pretend to be another device, like allowed Chainfire3D, now abandoned.

Если нужно протестировать определённую игру, напишите название и платформу, постараюсь протестировать и выложить ролик.


No, these are not preinstalled games, but just shortcuts to the installation files. The games themselves are stored in a folder in the device’s memory and can be deleted prior to installation, the usual procedure for installing the application is offered by tap on the shortcut.

Almost empty Android:

Out of the box, we have such a small one that allows you to crawl into the jungle and twist the system at your discretion: the

killer feature is Happy Chick - the “happy chicken”. This is a shell for emulators and access to download games of any platforms from the application itself, with customized controls in all emulators. The official website of the program: here

blew it, and set other emulators, the ones that I liked, I'm used to, and adjust management in emulators is not such a difficult task.
In general, I adhere to this rule: I installed the emulator, downloaded the game, passed, I don’t like collecting ROMs on the SD card, I usually have a dozen or two games, as a rule, something like tanks, Mario, MK - everything you can quickly play between things.

Custom firmware:

WebClaw is working on version 2 near-dock firmware on
Riley modified Android 4.4.2 kitkat RileyROM 1.2 KitKat on
Waiting for Version 3 on
(other romodels either take WebClaw, Riley firmware, or SUPERCHARGED update Gapps , add or remove applications to your taste).

Almost all firmwares have been tried, the performance in the firmwares is not growing much, defects are corrected to a greater extent. Stopped so far on this.

CWM and TWRP for EXEQ AIM Pro is, you can enter recovery mode by turning off the console, then holding down the volume key + and pressing the power key, hold the volume key until the Recovery menu appears.


Battery operation after 9 months of use of the console:
More details
Stock firmware out of the box.
Maximum load (all included, brightness, volume, - all at maximum).
Epic Citadel in Guided Tour mode :

A little Wi-Fi and brightness to zero:
Epic Citadel in Guided Tour mode :


On sale you can find a cover in two colors for this console Protective cover for consoles 7 "BLACKHORNS , I could not find information about other suitable covers in our stores.



I’m satisfied with the prefix, more than one game has been completed, it has withstood more than one fall, it has been lying empty for several days, and most importantly, it’s still alive.

1) A smart display among similar devices, a high-quality IPS matrix with good viewing angles and a decent resolution of 1280x800.
2) The rechargeable battery even after 9 months of use, depending on the load, lasts from three to five hours. I can say that sometimes I forgot to charge the device, leaving it discharged to zero for a couple of days - without further consequences.
3) The presence of analog sticks, two pairs of ciphers and additional system keys allows you to comfortably play both through emulators and Android games.
4) Ergonomics - the device looks large and heavy, but it’s convenient to hold it in practice, small thickenings in the grip places do their job, as a result, playing with this device in hand is pleasant and convenient.
5) Custom firmware that fix minor problems and the popularity of the device, which implies a large community of users.

1) The software part (firmware) has some problems, the correction option is to install custom firmware.
2) Wi-Fi. Due to the design features, namely the location of the antenna behind the metal display case - this is -1 stick at the antenna signal, put the console on the stand and the problem is solved.
3) The case creaks like 3DSka.

Community of Russian-speaking users in social media:Vkontakte , , YouTube channel with game tests.

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