A selection of UX reports at 404fest


    I (once again) organize the UX section at the 404 Festival in Samara.
    It seems to me a sensible idea to gather the opinions of the community and discuss interesting topics even before the final choice.
    For this purpose, I sbatsal small voting on potential topics, and I propose to discuss them on Habré.

    This year we can learn about: service design, semi-ethical receivers in dating interfaces, Lean and Agile in UX processes, tools for prototyping and specification of interfaces, collecting and analyzing quantitative data, how TV interfaces do, and discuss the results of a large design competition.

    I really want to see real meaty reports - with revelations and / or examples, so that, coming out later, you might think, "E ... thrash, that's cool! I didn’t even think that it was so. I’ll go change everything in life. ”

    And vice versa - to avoid UG and a million times sucked up by topics such as “What I thought of, designing the interface for six months” or “Wow, I read the book - I'll retell it!”. I admit, this was not always possible in previous times, and sometimes it was sad and muddy.

    At first glance, there is no sludge in the applicants, but you still need to choose only 6.

    Here, in fact, is the very description of the reports and the vote .
    Sorry that it’s not here, but outside, but there everything is ready and voting.

    Anyway, I’ll choose independently, taking into account the results, but not following them exactly.

    Therefore, I will be grateful to the discussion here.

    The site of the fest itself, if anyone does not know - 404fest.ru .

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