Yandex.Money filter balances from inactive user accounts

    Here is a letter arrived today from Yandex.Money. Comments are unnecessary, given that they do not provide for the procedure for self-closing an account without presenting a passport in the office or notary services. And then, the right word, would close the account nafig. Locks on any sneeze of their security system (as well as service) have long become a byword.

    Many colleagues and acquaintances left accounts, on which some amounts even hung. Someone’s account was blocked, and even verification didn’t help, someone lost a payment password, which was refused to be restored - and there are many of them. There were those who simply opened an account for interest, paid a couple of times a mobile phone or an online game ...

    Now Yandex needed balances on user accounts. In the wake of the MoneyMail.Ru payment system, which this step did not save from closing.
    Have you learned from mobile operators?

    UPD: Allegedly, 270 rubles per month will be written off. Greasy. Service at Alfa Bank is much cheaper.

    Screen under the cut.

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