Software Project Management Conference: why it's important not to miss the main IT project management conference

    Salute colleagues!
    February 20-21, 2015 The 4th international conference on IT project and product management, the Software Project Management Conference (SPM Conf) , will be held in Moscow in the Event Hall Infospace .

    We have already begun publishing the first reports and you will find a ton of interesting and professional content. We invite you to share knowledge by making an interesting report . Speakers participate in the conference for free!

    In the meantime, about the conference with the words of the participants.

    Why you need to participate in the conference

    The benefits and value of participation

    For whom the conference

    About conference reports

    How to get maximum results at the SPM Conf conference

    Well, and as a bonus, we will reveal small secrets how to achieve success in the IT business.

    Get inspired by SPM Conf! We are waiting for you at the conference.
    Signing up is easy !

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