In Ukraine, they will not block sites?

    For recent events, one interesting case went unnoticed. Namely: SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) sent a request to block sites that “propagandize war, incite ethnic hatred, etc.” InAU (Internet Association of Ukraine). Continued under the cut.

    The request was sent July 18, 2014
    Copy of request

    During the implementation of measures to counter-intelligence protect the interests of the state in the field of information security, the Department obtained data on the use of individual Internet resources for posting information that promotes war, ethnic hatred, the change through violence of the constitutional order or territorial integrity of Ukraine.
    In particular, according to the conclusions of the National Expert Commission on the Protection of Public Morality, Internet resources: <list of resources> distribute extremist information materials and terrorist instructions.
    In addition, to post relevant information, content resources that are registered outside of Ukraine are used, namely: <list of resources>
    Given the above, in order to prevent the dissemination of information that promotes war, ethnic hatred, the change through violence of the constitutional system or territorial integrity of Ukraine, we ask that you limit access to these resources in Ukraine.

    What the InAU held a press conference on August 7 :
    During the press conference, the general situation with information security on the Internet, the legislative field in the field of information security and the possibility of legal influence on Internet resources that conduct anti-Ukrainian propaganda, the technical capabilities of Internet providers in countering the information war, and balancing between the right to freedom of speech and information security of the country .
    Today, the most important thing is to understand that the practice of disconnecting resources without trial and investigation is very dangerous.
    Freedom of speech does not mean the right to promote terrorism and incitement to war, but rather the publication of reliable facts and the right to analysis.
    SBU cannot break the law - it is an axiom. Having identified sites that propagandize war and support terrorism, the SBU is obliged to start criminal proceedings, conduct a state examination, which will establish the existence of suspicions by the SBU, and go to court.
    We must find a clear balance between information security and freedom of speech. Without this, we can adjust the information space so that we don’t know how to act after the war.

    During the press conference, preparations were announced for the Round Table on blocking Internet resources, which will be held next week. We will follow up and hope that an adequate decision will be made.

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