Microsoft recreated 1994 website

    Succumbing to a sense of nostalgia, Microsoft employees picked up a copy of the first 1994 corporate website .

    In 1994, there were only a few thousand sites on the Internet. HTML was considered a technical innovation, and the concept of publishing information on the web was unusual. Almost no one knew HTML and there were no tools for web development. Many browsers did not support the display of images.

    That year, Microsoft opened a website on the Internet, which at that time was supposed to look very futuristic: a sunrise on a gray background surrounded by stars and links to informational subsections.

    Until 1994, Microsoft maintained conversations with users on the forums of CompuServe, one of the largest dial-up providers of the time.

    The project was rebuilt to mark the 20th anniversary of Microsoft's online presence. Developers admit that restoring the original appearance of the site was not easy. I had to rummage through the archives to find those web pages and perl scripts with which the site was updated twice a day.

    “ was one of the first corporate websites in the world designed with responsive, modern design, which means adapting and displaying correctly on any device,” said Chris Balt, Microsoft Product Manager and one of the authors of the first version of the site in 1994 (two people worked on its creation).

    Over the past 20 years, the design of the homepage has changed 17 times.

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