Action story about the lack of data synchronization of different services on Google without a happy ending

    “The gods themselves are powerless to fight against stupidity” - Friedrich Schiller, 1801.

    Want some more stories about police, IT, security, and human stupidity? I have them.

    07/23/2014 - 00:10

    At ten minutes past one I enthusiastically attack the enemy resonators - I play Ingress, returning home. In my absence, my home portal was captured by the enemy (unheard of insolence) and my goal was to restore justice. The gaming device is the ASUS Google Nexus 7 2013 LTE tablet (yes, this is an important detail). However, I am not able to carry out the plan.

    00:10 - 00:13

    Two unknown people coming from behind, take possession of my property - namely, a tablet (and other values ​​that are not related to the subject of the story). Along the way, they inflict injuries incompatible with good mood on me (with my legs). Unfortunately, I lose consciousness, and I have no way to trace the direction in which the attackers are hiding.

    00:14 - 00:20

    Having woken up, I immediately call the police. The patrol arrives, without exaggeration, instantly (no more than one or two minutes). Three minutes later, we set off in search of "hot pursuit." Technology and (finally!) High technology come into play. Using the smartphone of a policeman, sitting in a patrol car (unknown model, Chinese manufacturer, two SIM cards), I go to Android Device Manager.

    00:30 - 00:40

    Thanks to the fantastic speeds of GPRS \ EDGE, the page thankfully loaded on the third attempt. And here’s what I saw:

    Android Device Manager gave me amazingly useful information - that the device was not found, its location is unknown and ... And that’s it. Having written off everything on the slow Internet, I tried again at the district police station, and ...

    1:30 - 3:00

    And nothing has changed. I could not get any useful information about the last (or current) location of the tablet. After leaving the police, I went home.

    07/23/2014 - 08:00 - 18:00

    All day I had the opportunity to portray myself as a patient of Dr. House, because magnetic resonance imaging is not done every day!
    Having been diagnosed with a “mild concussion," I went to sadness about the lost tablet home. However, the next day I decided to conduct another check ...

    07.24.2014 - 12:00

    I decided to check the Google Maps section, namely the history of locations , and immediately found there a detailed history of my tablet’s misadventures.

    Without going into too much detail, I note that there was a route of intruders, unlit places where they were hiding from police patrols, and many other interesting things. Of course, I transferred all these data to the police. Separately, I note the high level of training of patrols - they searched exactly where the attackers were hiding (!), It is a pity that with a temporary discrepancy of just a few minutes. If the data from the “location history” were available in the Android Device Manager, the chances of catching criminals would increase many times over.

    Sudden findings

    It’s self-evident that having gained access to the Android Device Manager, identifying myself as the user of the desired Google account with a password, I expect to get not only the inscription “Sorry! The attacker has already turned off your device, ”but at least a link to the history of the locations, and in the ideal case, the overlay of this data on one card.

    I know that in some cases and in the Android Device Manager the last location of the device is indicated, however:
    • in my case this did not happen;
    • the service’s certificate did not describe the pattern when this information is indicated and when not.

    Of course, I sent a review letter to Google about this, it seems to me, an important lack of data synchronization between two separately necessary and good services. But I hope that the topic will serve someone as a hint or guide to action in such situations.

    Take care of yourself and your equipment. And let Google draw conclusions.

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