Promotion of information security through cartoons

    Information security, perhaps, remains one of the most ungrateful branches of IT: experts on it are either suspected of idleness, while everything is in order, then accused of negligence when something happened. All the work to ensure information security is often accompanied by the irritated attitude of other employees who perceive all the activities and requirements of the security personnel as a desire to prevent everyone else from doing their job quietly.

    The management is constantly tormented by the dilemma "are we all right because of well-established information security, or because the threats are exaggerated?" and, often leaning to the second explanation, constantly strives to cut budgets or requires perpetual justification of economic returns on the cost of information security, and according to investment models that are clearly not suitable for information security.

    As a result, information security specialists often remain incomprehensible and experience serious difficulties in conveying basic things in an easy and accessible way to all those around them: management, developers, office plankton personnel, etc. This is precisely the problem they are called upon to solve the following cartoons. Perhaps their viewing will be more effective than standard briefing and will make the activities of information security specialists at least a little easier, or, in extreme cases, it will simply kill another couple of hours of working time for the security personnel themselves.

    Security Vs. Compliance: When Regulations Run Things

    Data Leaks: Don't Ignore Those Data “Drips”

    Smartphone Security: When “Bring Your Own” Brings You Down

    Data Security ROI: When Measurements Matter

    Email Security: When Good News Goes Bad

    Cloud Security: Don't Get Too Cozy In The Cloud

    Laptop Security: Convenient WiFi Or Rogue Hotspot?

    Social Engineering: Don't Trust Fancy Ties & Polished Lies

    DDoS Attacks: Don't Get Smoked Out

    Business Continuity: Mother Nature, Not Always Your Friend

    Multi-Network Security: The Risk Exposure Of A Merger

    Sly Security Breaches: What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

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