Falcon 9 successfully splashed down

    Let me remind you that on July 14, the Falcon 9 launch vehicle launched 6 Orbcomm OG2 communication satellites into orbit , after which the first stage of the rocket entered the atmosphere and successfully made a soft landing in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This test confirms that the first stage can descend into the atmosphere at hypersonic speed, restart the engines two times and, having released landing bearings, is successfully brought in.

    Exposure to water led to damage to the rocket systems, but this did not prevent to obtain all the information necessary for further flights.

    SpaceX is now taking steps to minimize the accumulation of ice on the camera to improve image quality.

    As for the next two launches, they will be carried out in high geostationary orbit, which will not allow carrying enough fuel for landing on engines.

    The next attempt will be made on the 13th flight of the Falcon-9, but with a low probability of success.

    After that, it is planned to land the rocket on a solid surface.

    Link to the original publication: www.spacex.com/news/2014/07/22/spacex-soft-lands-falcon-9-rocket-first-stage

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