MegaIndex Ecommerce Conference Already Live

    The MegaIndex conference on July 2 turned out to be so successful, and the reports on the principles of electronic commerce (e-commerce) caused so many questions and user feedback that we gathered again and created a conference, this time entirely devoted to the latest e-commerce tools. It is already on the air on the website, anyone can traditionally take part in the conference, listen to speakers and ask questions.


    A modern online store only looks like a site, in fact it is a complex structure that is created using many tools. They all have one goal - to increase sales due to the correct segmentation of the audience. If the advertising products are aimed at attracting an audience, then the solutions “screwed” to the site are the area of ​​customer retention and tools for optimizing the sales funnel.

    Digital marketing (programmable buying)

    Our regular viewers already know that this concept is broad and includes many aspects. The past MegaIndex conference clearly showed how much the digital field includes. Today Nikolay Khivrin will touch upon a topic directly related to increased sales in the electronic trading system, such as programmable buying - in other words, an overview of the possibilities of working with the customer base, visitors to your online store, technological methods of retaining and returning customers, stimulating a second purchase, and much more . We strongly advise you not to miss this review speech today at 13:00.
    Programmable showcase and trigger system.

    One of the most widely used types of tools for electronic commerce are various trigger systems. Similar mechanisms are used now and in the new generation of “catching up” advertising. Although they are implemented differently, basically both methods contain showing a person (client) certain products depending on their user profile, which does not have to be available after registering on the site - it can also be read from anonymized cookies. The wise use of such tools can increase sales at times. Speakers Oleg Basha, Daniil Khanin and Mikhail Kechinov will talk about this today.

    Online consultant

    Some time ago, almost all online stores tried to acquire an online consultant interface. This phenomenon has acquired such a scale that at one time it was even criticized. Indeed, if a good tool is used too deliberately and everywhere, the impression of it can become ambivalent. Emil Amanov today will tell you how to increase sales through the correct use of this tool.

    Mobile store

    You can expand your market influence not only through customer retention and proper work with him, but also expanding your presence on mobile devices. What benefits can you get with a platform for mobile trading? Do you need it and where to get it? You can find out about this by listening to a speech by Andrei Grigoriev.

    Of course, we did not list here all the reports and not all the speakers. You can familiarize yourself with the list of the declared program in more detail on the website - you can also connect to the broadcast there, for this you will not need to register. However, if you want to receive conference proceedings by mail in the recording, we recommend that you register. The materials of the previous MegaIndex conference are already published here .

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