Popularization of technical creativity in China

    The last time we strolled along one of the largest exhibitions of achievements of electronics and robotics - MakerFaire, which was held in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

    Today we will visit a cozy cafe on the university campus, where free workshops from students from the local TechSpace hackspace for university students were held.

    At these master classes, anyone could try:

    • create an interactive card
    • collect a “singing” pencil
    • solder led pendant

    The text will use fragments of a translation from Chinese, from a publication about this event on the TechSpace hackspace blog :

    The TechSpace community has already started cooperation with the Institute of Management at Shenzhen University since last year. Together, a non-university practical base was created for creativity and the implementation of new ideas. This is the first event of its kind in which the emphasis is on obtaining new knowledge through technical work.

    This is what a cafe looks like during a workshop:

    Interactive open

    Interactive is open - this master class for the most beginners

    consists of a conductor based on a copper tape.

    You can make different patterns, add a power source, and surface-mounted LEDs.

    Singing Pencil

    An interesting project is Drawdio , its essence lies in the fact that a nozzle is made on a pencil, and after that, when the rod touches the drawings, the speaker makes different sounds.

    We used a brush as a basis, plus to this:

    * 555 microcircuit
    * battery
    * speaker

    To make a “singing pencil”, no special skills are required. The entire theoretical base takes less than two hours, and humanitarian students can do everything themselves, with their own hands.

    Hearing the sounds that a pencil suddenly begins to make, the students almost jump for joy!

    Here is how it is during the assembly process, and the instructions are in a simple and understandable Chinese language:

    Assembly is in full swing:


    LED pendant

    To make a necklace with a beating heart, you need to have soldering skills. I remember, many years ago, I soldered a radio that didn’t even have a case. This process then seemed to me very boring. But now, looking at the participants, I see how passionate they are. Not to mention the fact that in the end they will receive a reward in the form of an original pendant. Learning is always interesting when it includes gaming moments.

    The LED pendant is made on the basis of the Square8 DIY project .


    Here are the volunteers from TechSpace hackspace who conducted these workshops:

    By the way, we talked about this hackspace in Shenzhen recently. And here is a link to the Google group TechSpace .


    Thanks to Sakuya for responding and helping with the translation from Chinese, and thanks to targence for the photos provided.

    It seems to me that such a teaching format is very useful for students - in the natural form, interesting skills are obtained, students will learn something new. Collaboration of universities and hackspace (clubs of technical creativity) is mutually beneficial.

    If you are in Yekaterinburg, and have any ideas for cooperation, we will be glad to hear - write . If in another city, you can find hackspace, fablabs, CMITs that could hold interesting master classes.

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