Tizen Developer Summit Russia Conference in Moscow July 10, 2014

    Dear friends!

    On July 10, 2014, the Tizen Developer Summit Russia Conference will be held in Moscow in the Congress Park of the Ukraine Hotel . This is the first summit for application developers based on the Tizen platform in Russia.

    At this event, we will talk about what Tizen is today, and discuss the technical details, present and future of this universal operating system. And most importantly, we’ll show the first device on Tizen, the Samsung Z smartphone, which premiered at a global conference in San Francisco on June 3 this year. Samsung Z is equipped with a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED screen and a quad-core processor with a frequency of 2.3 GHz, as well as a thin and light body with a completely new design, which makes it an excellent choice for users who need a powerful and most mobile device.

    The event is invited to the media, technical experts, mobile operators, vendors, developers of operating systems, applications and all who are interested in software development for completely different application areas. To participate, you must register .

    Promo code: habr_invite

    Hurry up, because the number of participants is limited!

    In addition, Tizen Hackathon will be held by FRUCT at the Small October Digital Hall on July 11 and 12, 2014. Free registration. Learn more and register on the official page of the event .

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