Get out of the room


    The idea of ​​games like escape the room (Eng. "Get out of the room") is associated primarily with popular browser games on flash, in which you had to search and apply objects to each other to find a way out (many remember the Crimson Room).

    We live in a time when ideas, recently expressed in literature, cinema and computer games, gain life. Americans make an exoskeleton based on Iron Man, David Fincher’s “Game” inspires the creation of ARG, and “Fort Boyard”, “Saw” and smart home technology inspire the construction of quest rooms.

    For the first time, such a game was transferred from a computer to reality in 2006. A team of several people is locked in the room, and they need to get out of there (usually in one hour), opening the caches, looking for clues, applying the items found, calculating codes and getting keys. Very similar to a computer game, but in a real room with real objects.

    The idea was in the air, so it was implemented in the United States and Hong Kong at the same time. A Wikipedia article says that some programmers made an escape room based on Agatha Christie a sight of Silicon Valley, but I could not find confirmation of this. In Hong Kong, these were originally campus student games. In 2008, several colleges even teamed up to host a big game for 60 people.

    But in 2007 - really “started”. Since its opening, the Japanese company SCRAP has hosted games for 200,000 people (including large-scale games for several hundred people in stadiums).

    In the video you can see how the Japanese go crazy. In general, it looks like our domestic Running City , but SCRAP also has classic escape rooms. The photo at the beginning of the post is from that room.

    As usual, the Japanese even made a separate reality show about these games, and in 2012 SCRAP came to the United States. From 2008 to 2012, escape rooms opened in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. Moreover, in Hong Kong alone there are more than five such companies.

    In 2011, the escape the room appeared in Europe, and further developed independently of Asia. The Hungarian company Parapark was a pioneer (they, unlike the encrypted majority, have a video showing what awaits players in the room). Since then, about 10 different companies have appeared in Budapest, offering tourists and locals try to get out of the room in an hour. According to Tripadviser, these are all must-see attractions.

    In addition to Hungary, there are escape rooms in the UK (London), Switzerland

    In December 2012, the first escape room was opened in Moscow -, and opening in other cities of Russia should be expected in the near future.

    If you like the material, I will continue to write about escape rooms.

    Who was in the rooms outside of Russia - write your impressions in the comments.

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