How would the story turn: Samsung could buy Android first

    Recall the year 2005. There are no smartphones yet (at least the ones we know them now), operators control all the content, complete confusion with the versions of operating systems and what works on Motorola is unlikely to start on Samsung. Application developers run away from smartphones like fire, and those who want to do this are literally forced to write new code for each model separately, often more than 100 options at once.

    The revolution, however, is in the air. Andy Rubin begins to work on an operating system that was originally intended for digital cameras, but then captured smartphones. He started as an engineer at Carl Zeiss, but then worked on operating systems for handheld computers. He had the experience and support of several other engineers. In October 2003, he launched the Android project, but a year later the startup ran out of money and the search for investors began.

    We all now know that in the end Rubin comes to Google and everyone lives happily ever after. But few people know that at first Rubin went with the newborn Android to Samsung. The entire team of eight Android engineers flew to Seoul to meet with the then largest phone maker.

    Rubin had a meeting with 20 Samsung executives, where he represented Android, but instead of enthusiasm or just questions, the answer was silence.

    Which army do you want to create this with? You have only six people. Are you high? - that’s what they said. They made fun of me in the conference room. It happened two weeks before Google bought us, ”Rubin writes.

    In early 2005, Larry Page agreed to meet with Andy, and after the Android presentation, he didn’t just agree to help with money - he decided that Google would buy Android. The entire mobile industry was changing before our eyes, and Page and Brin watched with concern, fearing that giants such as Microsoft would not seize the initiative.

    Google bought Android for $ 50 million and by mid-2005 all eight Android team members had moved to Mountain View. The rest has already become history.

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