Poll. How do you make a deployment to the production server (s)?

    Colleagues tell me, please. how do you deploy to the production server (s) of web projects.
    If you use option 3 or 4, how do you switch document_root - create a symlink to a new release or rewrite the nginx config (script)?
    If switching symlink there are no problems with APC or XCache?
    If you are missing some option, write in the comments.

    UPD: Thanks to everyone for the comments, the Friday post was very productive and useful, I think for many.
    UPD2: A small review of comments:
    detailed debug deployments habrahabr.ru/post/211733/#comment_7286111 habrahabr.ru/post/211733/#comment_7287769
    utilities for creating deb packageshabrahabr.ru/post/211733/#comment_7286187 the
    most popular ready-made software capistrano, fabric, teamcity

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    How do you make a deployment to the production server (s)?

    • 37.2% Fill in manually via (S) FTP 1130
    • 30.9% Document_root contains a working copy of the SVN (GIT) of the 940 repository
    • 14.9% Bash script exports (full or partial) from hard currency and sends it to production 453
    • 5.1% spill 156 packets through deb
    • 11.7% Another option, I will write in the comments 357

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