We invite you to Moscow PM 06/02

    February 6, the first time this year, Mail.Ru Group will open its doors to the Moscow.pm community (a group of Moscow Perl programmers).

    As part of this event, you have an exclusive opportunity to listen to the reports of the best specialists, exchange experience.

    Place and time: February 6 from 19.30 to 22.00, meeting room No. 1 on the 2nd floor of the Mail.Ru Group office.

    In the program, reports are waiting for you:

    “Development and optimization of a Perl program for Raspberry Pi”, Ilya Chesnokov, Developer, UK2 Group.

    A short story about how Ilya programmed in Perl for Raspberry PI: prepared a development environment, developed and optimized a program for finding relevant advertisements.

    Raspberry PI - a computer the size of a credit card based on an ARM processor with a clock frequency of 700 MHz, 512 MB of RAM. The operating system boots from the SD card.

    “Array VS List”, Pavel Shcherbinin, Mail.Ru Group programmer.

    What is the difference between ARRAY and LIST? Any of you can easily name a couple of differences, but there are many more. How not to step on the syntax rake? Examples and common mistakes will be considered, and you can also test your knowledge in a small Quiz.

    “Round table on testing issues”, Yuri Nikulin, Mail.Ru Group programmer.

    Everything that you wanted to know about automatic tests, but were afraid to ask.
    What if you are already thirty and you have not written a single test yet?
    How to stop being afraid and start testing the code.
    Is it possible to test govnokod? How to distinguish a bug from a feature?
    What should be tested? One big test or many small ones?
    Is it difficult to maintain the relevance of tests?
    Where to get data for tests and how to prepare them correctly?
    Why testing is not a panacea.
    Is it possible to test a complex system that actively interacts with the outside world?
    How to live with continuous integration.


    We are waiting for you!

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