Boeing 747-8F Test Flight

    The Boeing company today conducted a test flight of the new 747-8F transport aircraft . The aircraft successfully covered 2177 km and landed at 4:43 Moscow time. The tracker shows the route of flight BOE12 .

    The flight along such a difficult route took 5 hours 30 minutes.

    Thanks to the GPS autopilot, it was possible to accurately reproduce the number 12 on the ground. Why is this done? For the joy of the residents of Washington, who are already going crazy before Sunday's Super Bowl.

    A test flight was held before the Super Bowl American Cup final, which will take place on February 2. The fact is that the Seattle Seahawks team, which is strongly supported by Seattle residents, is participating in it, and Boeing itself, one of the largest private companies in the state, is the general sponsor of Hawks. The number 12 is considered the symbol of the “12th player on the field”, that is, fans.

    For this test flight, the Boeing specially painted the plane in the colors of the team.

    Someone may say that this is a stupid squandering of money. One fuel was burned for about $ 180 thousand during this flight. But it is not so simple. Thanks to such actions, Boeing is very loved in Seattle, and this love is converted into real dollars. It is no coincidence that two months ago state authorities granted Boeing an unprecedented tax credit.$ 8.7 billion over 16 years is the largest tax credit for a private company in US history. Usually, such privileges are provided by the authorities so that a particularly valuable company does not leave. In 2001, the Boeing moved its headquarters to Chicago, but the main production facilities remained in the same place.

    The company employs 170 thousand employees, including 83 thousand in the state of Washington. Among them there are many Seahawks fans, so such tricks can be considered as a kind of team building.

    Incidentally, this is not the strangest Boeing test flight. Two years ago, they managed to draw their logo in the air .

    PS An idea came: but you can also make a bike route with a declaration of love to your beloved girl - and send her a link to the tracker online. But not in this weather, of course.

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