Nino Robot Taught Sign Language

    The other day, the developers of their Taiwan presented their project, the humanoid robot Nino, which can communicate in sign language. The robot can tell about itself, and also shows some words. In general, the main achievement of the developers is not that the robot can tell a little about itself in sign language, but that Nino is generally able to show complex gestures. The project team, which includes 20 specialists, took this whole three years.

    According to the authors of the development, the robot has only 52 degrees of freedom, and its condition is controlled by hundreds of different sensors (there are 112 in total). Unfortunately, Nino has not yet been equipped with software that would allow him to understand the interlocutor, so that gesture communication is one-way. In addition to talking in sign language, the robot can climb stairs and ramps, turn, rise, and walk.

    Of course, since the robot can communicate in sign language, at the initial level, the future work of the authors of the project will help to improve knowledge of this language, plus the robot will still be taught to understand the interlocutor, without which real communication will not work. For this, software for the robot camera will be developed.

    It is also interesting that the robot can express its emotions, for which the “face” of the device is equipped with an LED panel on which various kinds of emoticons are displayed.

    The "growth" of the robot is 1.45 meters, and it weighs 68 kilograms.


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