Nimbus - Now With Web Clippers

    Our new NImbus service continues to grow muscle with applications, and after the screenshots, we are ready to introduce our browser-based clippers. We won’t explain for a long time why clippers are needed, since there are already similar products from Evernote or Wiznote. We will focus on the differences between our applications and the above products.


    The main purpose of Nimbus Clipper is not original: to save information from the Internet for further editing, sharing or just “not to forget”

    There are three main modes of saving information in the clipper:

    Clipper- saving individual fragments of the page. A feature of the mode is the ability to select several separate “pieces” on a page and create one note from them. A convenient thing if you need to save only what is really needed, and not the entire page.

    Full Page - saves the entire page

    Images - saves only images. You can select the desired picture or all at once.


    Also in the version for the Chrome browser there is Article mode , which is still in beta mode. Similar in action to the well-known Instapaper and Readability services.

    After the desired fragment is selected, you can specify the tags for the future note, as well as the folder where it will be saved.

    An important feature of our clippers is the ability to edit saved fragments before sending them to Nimbus. The preview window is also an editor where you can remove ads, extra links and unnecessary text (or add your own) from a future note.


    Received notes can be shared right away and get a direct link or edited in Nimbus Note. The web interface at is already ready , as well as an addon for Chrome . Soon there will be a release of the Nimbus Note application for Android and IOS, as well as a desktop version for Windows.


    Nimbus Clipper for Chrome -

    Nimbus Clipper for Firefox (waiting for a full app)

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