Data lab

    Sophisticated data has always been my passion. In 2007, at the suggestion of Artem Gorbunov, I read all of Tufty's books and discovered information design. The first visualization - passenger traffic in the subway - became for me a lucky ticket to the bureau, then the pseudonym Infotanka appeared. Since then I have been working on a tiger calendar and booklet infograms, the Web Observer mobile application with violation statistics and an informative logo, smart marketing charts for Zeptolab , Oh my stats interfaces ! .

    In June of this year, I finally decided to devote myself to what I can do best - data visualization. So there was a laboratory .

    I love high-quality informative and entertaining infographics. But visualization is also a powerful tool for working with complex data and solving analytical problems. Large companies track many business metrics, but don’t know how to capitalize on them. Transport analysts are choked with numbers, but do not see the big picture, problem areas and possible solutions. In scientific articles, the essence of the study is lost behind dozens of graphs and charts. Thoughtful visualization solves these and other problems.

    Unfortunately, few people know about this. Often, when faced with complex data, companies are not aware of the existence of a “design” solution. Therefore, I devote a lot of time and energy to educating the masses: I speak at conferences, give workshops and prepare a practical training course, on Thursdays I giveTips for visualizing data on the website of the Gorbunov bureau; once a month I spend live tips in Kovorkafe. And now, thanks to Lesha boomburum and the Habr team, I will write about the laboratory work here.

    Life is in full swing in the laboratory: we create unusual and unusually effective ways of presenting information for marathon runners, marketers, remote teams, transport analysts, honest politicians, cycle enthusiasts and other guys. In the hublog I will analyze laboratory projects in detail, talk about the team and the organization of work, announce speeches at conferences, live tips and training courses, upload videos from past events.

    Advise, ask, criticize! I will be glad of feedback from dear habravchan :-)

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