Infographics: access to a global audience and the value of online languages

Original author: Immanuel Simonsen
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Our company has been localizing software, web services and games for the past 8 years. During this time, we have had countless times to answer customers' questions "what language do you recommend?" The answer to this question is not at all obvious: in order to understand which languages ​​it is worth translating your product into, it is necessary to evaluate not only the number of speakers of a particular language, but also their purchasing power.

Today we want to share infographics, which clearly shows the ratio of users and economic opportunities that become available when translated into a particular language.

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This infographic, created by Common Sense Advisory, lets you know which languages ​​are the most valuable in the global online space. For example, the Chinese language gives you the opportunity to contact 22.7% of the inhabitants of the network, but provides access to only 6.1% of the total purchasing power of the Internet.

An interesting conclusion suggests itself from the information presented: with the development of the Internet, companies will need more languages ​​to be heard by a certain percentage of people on the network. At the same time, the stronger e-commerce is developing, the fewer languages ​​are needed to get the same amount of profit. About the translator Infographic translation is done in Alconost. Alconost localizes applications, games and sites


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