Google+: content recommendations for your mobile site

Original author: Mario Anima, Product Manager, Google+
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Help visitors find the most interesting content on the site and they will become your loyal fans. To make this easier, we’ve created a new tool that combines the functions of the social network Google+ and Google Search.

For example, visitors to the Forbes website are now much easier to find other articles of interest to the columnist from this web resource thanks to the author support program . In addition, mobile content recommendations let you know which content is popular on Google+ (gets a lot of +1 and is actively distributed by users). When selecting recommendations, the system takes into account which page the visitor is currently viewing. This service is unobtrusive and does not interfere with viewing the site in a browser on a mobile device.

See how this works with the Forbes mobile site as an example:

Recommendations can be displayed regardless of whether the site visitor has logged into their Google account . If he did this, the system will advise articles shared or +1 by users in his circles.

Users recommend content on Google Plus

Implementing and configuring the recommendation tool is easy: just add one line of javascript code to your mobile site. After that, you can make the necessary changes in the "For Your Site" section of the + page control panel without resorting to using an HTML editor.

How to enable and configure a tool for recommending content

To experience the new functionality in action, open any article on the Forbes website on your iOS or Android device. For more information on mobile recommendations, see the developer docs .

We plan to further improve Google+ content recommendations and Google+ authorization . Here's how representatives of companies joining this project spoke about the new functionality at the Google I / O conference : Logging in via Google+ is the most popular option for logging in through the social network in our Android application, 41% of users use it,” Tom Grinstead (Tom Grinstead), Product Manager, Guardian News.

“We were impressed with the results that were achieved using Authorization via Google+. Our analysts have noted a significant increase in the number of conversions from Google+ compared to other social networks. This applies to ordinary computers, and Android, and even iOS. In the end, we decided to remove all other entry options and focus on this promising channel, ”said Haisoo Shin, CTO, Fancy.

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