Surface Windows 8 Pro review and comparison with RT


    Dear friends, in June 2012, Microsoft introduced tablets of its own design - Surface RT and Surface Pro. At the end of October of that year, an RT version was released, a review of which we have already done. A week ago, to the delight of users, Pro appeared on sale (and in my arms).

    And, apparently, the Pro'professional Surface is professional only in hardware, since in many ways the new product let us down. Although, not everything is as bad as it seems: the Surface Pro has trump cards up its sleeve ...

    Dimensions The

    Pro has a 10.6 'FullHD display, its thickness is 13.5 mm and its weight is 917 grams.

    For comparison: RT has an HD-display, thickness - 10 mm, weight - 678 grams.

    What's inside?

    Ivy Bridge Intel Core i5 3317U (similar to the latest MacBook Air 11 ')
    4 GB of RAM
    Intel HD4000
    64 GB or 128 GB of internal memory. Of these, 29 and 89 GB are available to the user, respectively. Many Western resources scolded Microsoft, but in my opinion there is no problem, there is a microSD card slot.


    Surface RT battery lasts about 7-8 hours, the Pro has slightly different results ...

    Playing FarCry 2 via HDMI (graphics: medium, 1080p) - 1.3 hours
    Web surfing using Internet Explorer - 4.5 hours
    Work in Photoshop CS6 - 4 hours
    Work in Premiere Pro CS6 - 2.5 hours
    Watch MKV-movie (Remux) - 2 hours (and 30% charge left)

    Screen quality

    In addition to the fact that Surface Pro has an excellent screen with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (RT 1366 by 768), it has twice as much powerful backlight compared to its counterpart. In general, the screen resolution in tablets is already a philosophical topic, since in my opinion FullHD resolution is much more suitable for tablets with a 10-inch screen. One good man wrote a very large and interesting article why 1920x1080 is better than 2048 × 1536. [link]


    I’m used to using GeekBench 2, because it is universal: from Android from iOS to Windows.

    My result: 5432 points

    Here is possible to drive any device to search for (whether it be a laptop, tablet or phone) and see how many points he gains the dough GeekBench 2.

    Unfortunately, conduct 3D-benchmarks I was able to (and in fact - just forgot).


    Surface Pro has two coolers for cooling the Intel Core i5, so there was concern. But it quickly passed when I worked in Photoshop for 2 hours. The only time I heard the rumble of propellers was when I was playing Far Cry 2.
    At least Surface is much quieter than any MacBook Air.


    stylus pen is made by Wacom, it is convenient. The only frustrating thing is that it’s just inconvenient without him ... but how well the words of Steve Jobs sounded: "God has given us 10 styluses, so let's not invent another one . "Invented.

    You can always discuss this topic, but I will limit myself to calling it a very convenient thing that is not clear to me (like Surface itself).


    To understand all the horrors and delights of Surface Pro, I had to spend a whole week with him before we took a look. The device is cool, but it's not “a la iPad” and it's not an ultrabook. I'm afraid to call Surface a tablet, so it's third, it’s hard for me to name the classification, so the Surface house may turn out to be something new, a kind of device for I drag the table onto the table and for export to business meetings.

    I really liked the stylus, since I use Photoshop. It really is more convenient than cool. And usually, all sorts of innovations do not start "cool" further. Surface Pro is powerful, it is not fat (!), It is very elegant. And he ... dear. Still, it’s a pity to give $ 1,000 for a new classification device, so Microsoft needs to strive for the price of the RT version and then I will buy it.

    Useful materials:

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    - Video review of Surface RT and the delights of the touch version of Windows 8 [link]

    PS Review and The article was ready last night, but the YouTube insert didn’t work on the site.

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