Instagram launched a web version of the user's feed

    We all remember that not so long ago Instagram took its first step to a wide audience by opening access to the profiles of its users on its own site. Today the company announced in its blog that it is launching a new functionality - the web version of the user feed.

    Visually, the feed looks similar to the mobile applications of this social network. This is a vertical stream of photos posted by your friends, sorted in chronological order in descending order. Under each photo there is a block with information about users who liked this photo, comments on it, as well as a field for creating your own opinion.

    This innovation makes us even closer to the social network. Especially the novelty will appeal to those who use smartphones for which there is no official client (for example, Windows Phone or Blackberry). Perhaps in this way, the company is gradually developing the basis for full integration with Facebook, or is taking gradual steps to open a full-fledged web client with the ability to upload and process photos directly in the browser. Wait and see.

    Link to the official blog entry -

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