Microsoft is working on its version of AR-glasses

    According to the US Patent Office, Microsoft has filed an application for "a head-mounted display based on glasses with the ability to impose additional information on the display of the real world." Simply put, Microsoft is preparing a rival to Google's Project Glass , which already exists as a functional prototype. writesthat the Microsoft device still seems less ambitious than Google, and more focused on the performance of any one task within the framework of being in one place. Points are not supposed to be worn throughout the day, but used only in certain situations - for example, in a baseball game they will be able to show the score, position in the league, feed rate and the like information, and at concerts - the words of a song or direction to a bar or store with fan goods.

    In general, they will work only in a certain context and this should help users with the development of such an unusual technology. In addition, the Microsoft patent applies only to "live" events and it is assumed that the glasses will show exactly static information without being tied to objects in sight.

    Most likely, such head displays can be connected with the current entertainment products of the company, the same Xbox and Kinect, and receive information from games directly on them. But while this is only a patent (the filing date dates back to May 2011) and even if it comes to live devices, they will only be available for sale in two or three years.

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