AWS: VPC now supports Micro instances

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    Another good news from Amazon Web Services. Virtual Private Cloud now supports m1.micro-sized instances. What does this mean for us? Those who use micro-intentsances can now unite them in private networks, isolated from the outside world.

    Also now there is an opportunity to use the delights of VPC for free - Free Tier. This news is so hot that the Free Tier list has not yet been updated using VPC. New accounts can use m1.micro instances in VPC 750 hours a month for a year.

    Let me remind you that Amazon Virtual Private Cloud- This is one of the AWS services that allows you to create private networks and easily configure network interfaces on hosts. Those instances to which there are no public addresses are located behind NAT and access to them is provided through a VPN. The main idea of ​​VPC is an even more secure network, to which there is no access from the outside. This is the fundamental difference between VPC and EC2 Security Groups.

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