Windows Notepad received the first significant update in two decades

    The reason why Notepad (aka Notepad) befell the fate of the ugly duckling has long been of little interest to anyone. Until the unexpected happened ...

    It's hard to believe, but Notepad - one of the most famous, ancient, and at the same time the most simple Microsoft applications - is waiting for a very voluminous update . It is important to note that this program (from the basic distribution of most of all Windows versions) wandered from one release of the operating system to another with almost no quarter of a century.

    It’s hard to say what happened at Microsoft, whether wolves died in a personal zoo of one of the top managers, or someone accidentally got up on the wrong foot ... But after the recent sudden introduction of support for the Unix line feed, the corporation apparently decided not to stop there ...


    The edited editor will appear in a major Redstone 5 update for Windows 10, but it can already be tested in the build number 17713.

    List of changes:

    • Search in the text in a circle. Now, if during the search or replacement of words the end of the document is reached, the process is repeated from the beginning of the text. To do this, put a flag in the pop-up menu. In previous versions, it was necessary to indicate the direction of the search and the place where it began.
    • The word highlighted in the search field is automatically inserted
    • The arrows on the keyboard correctly cancel the selection of the text, only then move the cursor
    • Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Backspace, you can delete the entire previous word.
    • Long-awaited text scaling. Text can be enlarged or reduced in a standard way: by combining the long Ctrl key on the keyboard and then scrolling the mouse wheel or the “+” and “-” buttons. Such a function has long been used in most text editors and browsers, but in Notepad it appeared only in 2018.


    • The status bar is now activated by default. If you wish, you can hide it in the "View" menu. Users can see the coordinates of the characters even if word wrap is enabled.
    • Increased performance. Large documents will open much faster.
    • Built-in external search engine. In Notepad, you can search for the meaning of a word in the Bing search engine. If you turned on the Sets feature and set Microsoft Edge as the default web browser, a new tab opens in Notepad that contains the Bing search results page. Otherwise, the Bing search results page will open in your default browser.


    Why did Microsoft have so many years deprived Notepad of very useful functions, and now suddenly they started to update it, do you think?

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