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    Hello to all Habra users,
    Today we open Alawar corporate blog on Habr. For those who are not up to date, we are engaged in publishing and distributing video games of the popular casual format.

    Publishers are producer expertise, game project financing and product packaging in accordance with all requirements of the gaming industry. It is on the publisher’s side that localization, testing, and wrapping of the game with a protection system takes place. Now we publish games on 17 platforms, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, consoles, social networks, etc. We have already created more than 280 of our own games, and we plan to do even more.

    We are developing distribution on 30 of our own sites, and access to our games for customers is ensured by 1,500 partners around the world (here we consider both web partners and presets for hardware suppliers of hardware), about 50 connected billing, and as a result we give out almost petabytes of distributions per month.

    As a result, we have accumulated a lot of experience in the technological field - both the production of games and the organization of a technological distribution platform. We are actively experimenting with technology. We find new platforms for writing games, and port our best products there. We are often pioneers of the Russian game dev on these sites.

    Of the latest news, the most interesting is perhaps the new and yet “exotic” platforms that we examined as an experiment.
    1. Farm Frenzy 2 (aka Farm Frenzy 2) on Windows Phone 7 is a big event for us. Not only the platform is interesting here, but also the fact that we published it at Microsoft Game Studios.
    2. The first game from Russian developers on PS Vita is our Treasures of Montezuma.
    3. We are also mastering the Kindle platform, have released more than 10 games, conduct various marketing experiments.
    4. They released Montezuma on Release Candidate Windows 8. The game for the first week in WinStore collected more than 10 thousand downloads.
    5. We are also actively working with HTML5 and released our "Tanchiki" as one of the first Russian games in the Chrome Web Store.

    This blog is an initiative of those Alawar employees who are responsible for the technical implementation of our games: meeting the requirements of platform holders, creating technical requirements for games on different platforms, ensuring uninterrupted operation of servers under load, payments, protection systems, etc. Plus, it seems interesting to us to sometimes connect the artists of our games to the content of this blog - the specialists from our studios have vast experience working with 2D and 3D graphics, this topic is very interesting to the readers of the hubr.

    Once a week we will release an extended technology article, post-mortem. They will not have water, but there will be only a concentrate from the experience of a whole team of our developers, admins, technical producers, portiers. We will sharpen texts so that they are useful not only to game studios, but to the widest possible circle of technical specialists. And in between large articles, we will publish small interesting news about the gaming industry, about conferences, about our life, i.e. We will write about something gaming.

    Here are the upcoming announcements:
    • Our web-department will soon publish a post on how to deploy several versions of sites on one YII instance.
    • The system administration department is already working on a text on server migration without stopping sites.
    • Our experience publishing apps for Windows 8.

    If you have wishes, ideas, suggestions - we will be very happy to read them in the comments.

    - Alexander Pogrebnyak,
    Technical Director of Alawar

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