Join the online broadcast of the first IT Camps event

    The broadcast of the first of the IT Camps series of events taking place in Moscow at the RIA Novosti venue begins.
    Take a look right here and learn all about Windows Server 2012!

    At the IT Camp: Windows Server 2012 event, you’ll get the latest information on the functionality of Windows Server. The event program includes reports and demonstrations on the following topics:
    - Windows Server 2012 - IT infrastructure on your terms
    - Hyper-V technical overview
    - Windows Server 2012 management tools - Windows Server 2012
    networking capabilities
    - Ensuring high availability of applications and services
    - Implementing remote access

    For greater efficiency, we recommend that you download a free, full-featured 180-day trial version here before the start of the event and take the free course "New Features in Windows Server 2012. Part 1. Virtualization, Networks, Storage" in Microsoft Virtual Academy .

    Microsoft IT Camps is a series of free seminars conducted in Russia by experts in the field of private cloud construction technologies, including demonstrations, laboratory work and a Q & A session, where you can talk directly with Microsoft technical specialists.

    IT Camp is coming to you! Watch the broadcast, register for the upcoming regional events and get a unique opportunity to ask experts questions:

    October 3
    Saint Petersburg
    Alexander Shapoval

    October 18
    Georgy Gadzhiev

    October 25
    Georgy Gadzhiev

    October 30
    Alexander Shapoval

    October 31
    Georgy Gadzhiev

    November 8
    Alexander Shapoval

    Look for information about the events of the IT Camps series in other cities on the website

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