GIS-GUIDE Cartographic Service

    I want to introduce Habr public mapping service GIS GUIDE , I created 2 years ago and I am trying to constantly develop.

    A map-based service has been developed for GPS navigators created by various projects and data from OpenStreetMap.


    It all started with the fact that my friends and I were carried away several years ago by creating a GPS navigation map of the city of Chita (we live in it) and then a map of our entire region. Later, I came up with the idea of ​​creating a site on which our map will be displayed, where users could see the results of our activities and help fill out the map with address data of settlements that are difficult to find, especially in small towns. After six months of hard work, we launched the GIS-GUID service (Guide to urban information systems) that we created. Further, its geographical coverage began to grow due to maps of the same “drawers” ​​as we from other regions (Amur Region, Vologda Region, Jewish Autonomous Region, Kaliningrad Region, Komi Republic, Primorsky Territory, Khabarovsk Territory), and to cover all of Russia Missing regions were taken from the OpenStreetMap project.

    I’ll tell you a little about what it works on. As the engine generating raster images (tiles), we chose MapServer, based on it a WMS server was created. For the web-interface displaying the generated tiles, the wonderful OpenLayers js library was used.


    Initially, the service only displayed maps, but then I began to endow it with additional, in my opinion, interesting functions, such as: assigning an address to a house, assigning a street name, adding an organization, a link to the current location on the map, a link to a specific address, measuring distances, laying route, weather layer, photo layer, as well as an online user layer that shows on the map the location of users on the site. The data received from users is transmitted to the Service Members to adjust their maps, if the data belongs to the regions taken from OpenStreetMap, then we enter these data on the maps of the OpenStreetMap project. That’s such mutual assistance.
    Most recently, I decided to attach organizations from 2GIS to our map using their API, which turned out very well.
    As an experiment, we decided to completely replace the standard Popup (pop-up, white, information balloon) created by OpenLayers methods with your own, which could be moved to the sides if it interferes with the terrain view, as we did, you can see, for example, clicking on the building.
    Now I’m developing an API that will allow you to embed a map on any website.
    At present, the GIS-GUID has some performance problems due to a weak server, which will be solved in the near future by moving to a new server, and there are still many ideas for its further development.

    But still I want to hear from habrowsers an opinion about the need for a GIS-GUID, your ideas on possible development, to get valuable advice (constructive criticism is of course also necessary).

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