Indie-Tracker Update

    Updated Indie-Tracker - a simple task tracker for small development teams. The new version includes many small and large improvements in various aspects of the project.

    Main function

    The main change in this version is the addition of groups and the addition of a new home screen. The screens are divided functionally: the first screen - as in the previous version of the tracker - has the usual columns for monitoring the current progress of tasks. The main task of the first screen is to see, remember what needs to be done now.

    The second screen is for planning and filling. It is more convenient to create tasks in it, sort them into groups and observe the overall progress. For example, if only 1 person is involved in the project, groups can be created approximately like this: server, design, client, new functions, ideas for the future and mistakes.

    And if there are several people, it will be more convenient to divide the tasks into groups of the type Vasya, Petya, Masha.

    Hotkeys and mouse

    Added hotkeys: without using the mouse, you can create tasks (Ctrl + N) and groups (Ctrl + G), and also switch between screens (Ctrl + Tab).
    The mouse support is also expanded: by clicking the middle button on the group header, the last one closes, by clicking on the screen dimming - the pop-up window closes, and by clicking on the group name in the list of created groups - the corresponding column opens / closes.

    Saving on the fly

    Tasks are now saved on the fly, no need to wait for any feedback, just work, and the program itself will take care that the data is synchronized with the server. A bit like Google Docs.

    Other improvements

    About 80% of the server was rewritten and the database rebuilt, download speed increased;
    design updated;
    interface speed improved; tracker easily raises a project into a thousand tasks

    Ideas for the future

    There are plans for development in the following areas:
    1. Full keyboard support without using a mouse.
    2. More mouse control options (context menus, auxiliary keys)
    3. Support for multiple projects and multiple users.
    4. Tag system.


    Paragraphs 1 and 2 are small and simple, do not cause me doubts or questions. These are snack tasks. Point number 3 is more interested. Actually the question is: what is the best way to provide this functionality? For a more complete understanding of the issue, I offer several possible solutions:
    • Each user can create several projects. Projects can be shared with other users.
    • Each user can consist in his own team of one person and be invited to the teams of other users. Projects exist and are visible only within one team.


    I would like to finally recall that the tracker does not claim to be fat, the goal of the project is to provide a comfortable and simple program interface for managing tasks for small development teams that do not have the goal of counting man-hours and are not confused with all this managerial.

    Using the tracker is possible for free, without restrictions. Register, try, use: .


    Who requires the player version 11.4 - run from here:

    UPD 2

    The issue with 11.4 flash player has been resolved. Now only 11.2 version is required.

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