Selective video deanimation

    At the SIGGRAPH 2012 conference, specialists from the University of California at Berkeley presented a semi-automatic technique for selective deanimation of video . The user marks sections of the video frame that should be static, and the rest of the objects move as before. This allows you to create various artistic effects: for example, a guitarist plays an absolutely motionless guitar.

    Another case: when shooting a model girl’s video, you can create a so-called cinematic portrait - a cross between a photo portrait and a video. At the same time, the girl’s figure remains absolutely motionless, but her eyes blink and her hair flutters in the wind. Such a video sequence can be glued into an endless loop with virtually no distortion (see video under the cut).

    The algorithm opens up possibilities for creating different effects. For example, a "bottomless glass" that never fills with water. The technology also allows you to improve the quality of the video when shooting with a constant object in the frame (for example, the face of a person), completely suppressing the vibration of the object in the frame. In this case, the operation of the algorithm can be compared with the image stabilizer.

    Selectively De-Animating Video (pdf)
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