Google Drive already has 10 million users

    Google, despite various kinds of failures with some services (recall Wave and some others), is quite successfully promoting its main products. For example, the recently launched Google Drive cloud service already has 10 million users. Some of these users, of course, automatically switched to Google Drive with Google Docs (if the word "passed" is appropriate here). Well, some of them are new users who like this service.

    Developers do not stop there, and try to attract even more new users. Today on Habré the news was already published that Google Drive is now available also for fans of "apple" production. In addition, the same service was opened for Chrome OS, the native operating system for Google.

    At the presentation, one of the senior managers of the company demonstrated the operation of Google Drive on iOS. The other day, offline features and collaboration were added to Google Drive, and today these features have appeared in the application for the iPad.

    As mentioned above, simultaneously with Google Drive for iOS, an application for Chrome OS was introduced. According to the developers, Drive “hangs” in memory, with an active tray icon, and thanks to this, all data is synchronized in the background, in real time.

    Finally, the corporation showed Drive SDK version 2. According to the developers, Google Drive users are more active than users of other company services.

    Via techcrunch

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