Smart KM Link A820

    Often you have to work on the laptop and PC at the same time - not all the software is there and there, not all the software on the laptop works fast enough, you often need to interrupt work and go to a meeting.

    Working in this way, I, like probably many, periodically try to click something on the laptop with the mouse of the computer or move the mouse from the laptop to the neighboring monitor. This is especially familiar to those who have more than one monitor on the table.
    Now it is possible!

    Today arrived SmartKM Link A820 - a small device that allows you to realize an old dream - one mouse and keyboard, clipboard for two computers. In addition, the device allows you to drag files with ordinary DragNdrop from computer to computer. At the same time, the copy speed is about 17 megabytes per second.
    Comes in such a pretty box

    Inside, in a white plastic insert, only the device itself and nothing more.

    And nothing else is needed!
    We stick one of the ends into the laptop, the other into the PC (no matter what where).
    The cable length is a little more than 1m, so if the computer is far away, stock up on a USB extension cable. The cable is quite flexible, the size of the device is like a regular USB flash drive.
    The driver for Win 7 (I have x64) is installed automatically, a virtual CD appears in the system from which the program starts without installation, which sits in Systray.

    The program is Russified, and not bad.
    It allows you to choose where the neighboring computer is located - on the left, right, above, below.
    Now when we bring the mouse to the edge of the screen from the side where the neighboring computer is, the mouse jumps there, now the keyboard and mouse work there. The reverse is the same. The clipboard is shared. Files are dragged by DragNDrop.
    You can temporarily disable this functionality by simply double-clicking on the tray icon. It is also possible to press Ctrl-Alt-Del on a neighboring computer.
    The program provides these settings:

    Yes, the most delicious - you do not need to configure anything anywhere, both keyboards and mice work, just use the one you like best, the input will occur on the computer where the mouse is now.
    After pulling and sticking back, the program on the go it notices and resumes work correctly.

    No flaws have been noticed so far. It just works.
    It’s especially fun to sit together with laptops and take away a mouse from each other or point out a share on a neighbor’s computer :)

    This happiness costs $ 17.99 along with delivery .

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