Dave Menlen moved from Microsoft to DevExpress

    He will work with us as Chief Marketing Officer .

    Of course, such news could have been bypassed, but, you see, far from every day one of the leading Microsoft directors goes to your company.

    Dave Menlen is known for being a speech writer for Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, and after many years of working with them, he participated in the development and promotion of many Microsoft products, including Windows XP, Windows Media Center, Web Services and Visual Basic .NET. Recently, he worked as Microsoft's senior director for development of Visual Studio and, in particular, led the process of releasing Visual Studio 2010.

    If you want to know what he remembered during his time at Microsoft, what he is going to do at DevExpress, as well as interesting facts about what Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer actually are, then you can read about all this in his farewell interview for Microsoft : blogs.msdn.com/b/msdnmagazine/archive/2011/09/07/10207386.aspx

    Well, we can only wish him good luck and hope that together we can make our products even better, and therefore more beloved by you .

    PS Congratulations to all developers on Programmer's Day!

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