IPv6 Day in UA-IX: first results

    The Ukrainian traffic exchange point (UA-IX) provided the first statistics collected by it as part of the “World IPv6 Day”.

    And somehow it turned out sad. Anyway, as that day was boring. No special surprises.

    So, some World IPv6 Day statistics with UA-IX:
    - 34 (out of 139) configured IPv6 BGP neighbors
    - 40 IPv6 prefixes are present in the routing table RS-1
    - 75 IPv6 prefixes RIPE delegated to Ukraine
    - 10Mbps IPv6 traffic (compared to regular 2Mbps )
    - 20 unique IPv6 addresses from Ukraine (30 in total) were visited by UA-IX
    - 50% of these Ukrainian IPv6 addresses are not visible in UA-IX and are routed with great delays through Germany

    The quantity of broadcast IPv6 traffic exceeded the analogue in IPv4 (statistics for one hour):
    ARP Queries .......: 18538 IP6 Packets .......: 35997
    ARPs per minute ..: 314 IPv6 per minute ..: 610

    During the day, there were no violations .

    But the use of IPv6 in UA-IX is not limited to one day, and “IN AAAA” records were left forever.

    However, you need to pay attention to the statistics. Only 19% of active IPv6 participants at the point of traffic exchange UA-IX testifies to Ukraine’s obvious unpreparedness for the next stage of Internet development.

    (statistics taken here )

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